Gun purchase permit. Sweet.

gun purchase permit-

Gun purchase permit. Sweet.

I have much to say about this. ;-)

Update from am email:

Father ~ Sweet indeed — what a perfect date to issue your permit…  Pope St. Pius I, July 11 

“There is a certain analogy between the faithful of the time of St. Pius I and today’s faithful. Today’s good Catholics do not suffer a bloody persecution. Instead they face a bloodless persecution and are maltreated in many ways. Our Lady helps them, and they continue on, stone by stone constructing their work in that same spirit, until that moment Our Lady will choose for her glorification, and the Reign of Mary will be established. Then future Catholics will see that even amid the worse torments in History, which is the present day crisis, the Church continued to live, to progress, to give good fruit, and, moreover, she continued to be herself.”

When all is in place (grace?) with the purchase and your training… “Carry on, carry often”… and never leave your rectory without your Rosary and your CCW. ~


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7 responses to “Gun purchase permit. Sweet.

  1. Does this mean you can own only one pistol, or does this mean that a given individual, firm, or corporation can sell you only one pistol in a given instance? It’s kind of bizarre that a law-abiding citizen needs to get a “permit” to buy a firearm. It does not seem constitutional to me. Do we need permits to vote?

  2. sanfelipe007

    Since the law is a “shall issue”, I imagine the “permit” squeeks by the Constitutional question. Besides, Scotus no longer applies the law equally. If the matter concerns a “favored” (gay, abortion) right, then challenges are given strict scrutiny. If the matter concerns an unfavored (gun or religious) right, then challenges are afforded the eminences of penumbras, and balances of rights, and blah blah blah. That is, to say, some rights, real or imagined, are given favor over actual, enumerated rights. But what do I know? I am one of the little people.

  3. Father George David Byers

    Very astute mister little people of the “of by and for”…

  4. monicaharris58

    Move to Oregon or Florida! No such hassles .

  5. My rosary club is celebrating our 25th year of spiritual arms making. People ask me, ‘are you packing?’ because my purse is soooo heavy. (I have my prayer book and rosaries in there among other girl stuff) So I always say, ‘yeah!. wanna see?’. Haven’t had a taker yet, assumptions being what they are, but I figure I am ‘packing’ some pretty strong spiritual weapons ‘ – so it isn’t a lie.

  6. Mary AnnBiancho

    Maybe I missed something here. Father, why do you need a gun?

  7. Father George David Byers

    I’ll get to that. :-)

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