“Jesus won’t let churches be attacked!” The evil of being aggressively catatonic


The whole neighborhood gathered on the street to see this spectacular sunset last night. We spoke of the continued slaughter of law enforcement officers and the sunset of America.

LEO LODDLEO LODDs (Law Enforcement Officer Line of Duty Deaths) by way of gunfire, much of it ambush and assassination, are way up this year. They were way up last year as well. There is a sharp trend to murder our Law Enforcement Officers in order to induce fear among those who serve us and among those who are served. This murder leads directly to chaos and the disintegration of society. There is no difference whatsoever between such incidents and the horrific murder of police outside police stations in Baghdad by way of gun fire or suicide bombers or car bombs. These assassins in the United States are full-on terrorists. It’s not that “It’s coming here!” It’s here already. Politicians really need to stop giving these terrorists excuses to murder. But that’s not going to happen in the near future is it? No. It’s not. The only plan by our enabler-politicians is to disarm everyone except such terrorists. By definition, terrorists don’t care about any laws whatsoever. So, what are they doing? But, it’s no different from the attitude of those who are otherwise aggressively catatonic, who say:

“Criminals and terrorists who shoot people NEVER go near a church because criminals and terrorists ALWAYS respect houses of worship and nice places like that, you know, just like they respect nice officers of the law!”

Um, no. Click here to see the incidents at churches just from January 2015 through the first quarter of 2016. Read through the whole thing. Know that in this sleepy little town of Andrews, my tiny little parish has had meth-labs to either side of the church (with many others nearby), and our parking lots were drop-off / pick-up points for druggies. In one incident, I confronted a young couple who were acting terribly suspiciously. I know that sounds paranoid, but, if you see something say something, right? It turns out he was a felon on the run in a stolen vehicle. He said he was looking for his phone charger that he left inside during Sunday night services. We have no “services” Sunday night. Happy to have helped to bring him down. His idea was:

“Where else to go for supplies but a church. All those religious people are naive.”

I agree. Many religious people are naive. I think they are afraid to look at the list of incidents involving churches. Click here to see church related incidents from January 2015 to the first quarter of 2016.

Those who are aggressively catatonic, in denial, aggressive denial, enable the criminals and terrorists and are not living in reality. They effectively side with them. That’s unhelpful. When they see a church full of dead and wounded, maybe they will change their minds. But we see this with too much frequency. They just deny that it happens. Too much reality. So, why wait for them to change their minds? They will only say that the problem is law abiding citizens, just like our criminal/terrorist-enabling politicians. I mean, if we wait for shootings to happen without doing anything to prevent the same, is that just so we can sing:

“Neyah neyah neyah neyah neyah! I told you so! Look at all the dead people!”

Instead, perhaps we can be of service to our churches and to all of society by learning how to defend ourselves and others, and this as an assistance to police and other law enforcement who are the first to want citizens in good standing to learn such defense. Law enforcement won’t arrive for minutes. It is in those minutes that all the damage is done.

P.S. Thanks go one of my neighbors who, early this morning, left a pair of sound-eliminating ear protection phones hanging over the back gate. Good for practice.

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One response to ““Jesus won’t let churches be attacked!” The evil of being aggressively catatonic

  1. Monica Harris

    Kudos to the person/organization who compiled that list
    good term– “aggressively catatonic”—have been guilty of that myself

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