Ambush-Assassinations of our LEOs: Damnable statement of the USCCB


I’m still planning on dedicating a post only to Luke 22:51, Matthew 26:52, et al. But in this post I just ask the question as to whether Archbishop Kurtz, precisely as president of the USCCB, is implying (amidst his appeals to say: “Have a nice day!”) that any wrongful action of this or that individual of Law Enforcement is to be put on the same level as any and all Law Enforcement Officers being targeted for ambush and assassination. That’s just a not so hidden way to encourage deadly violence.

Here’s the deal: If a Law Enforcement Officer is alleged to have done something wrong, then he is to go through investigations and, if necessary, the penal process. Period. But the Archbishop’s statement seems to reject all judicial processes, so that it is now just up to dialogue and encouragement of saying “Have a nice day!” and what will be will be.

What? Were the officers who responded to the ambush-assassinations not supposed to have supplied overwhelming force to the violent individuals to make them stop? Are they to be condemned? Is everyone who is in Law Enforcement a racist? What an insult and condemnation of all Law Enforcement.

The statement of the USCCB is perhaps the most unhelpful/inciting/provocative statement to date. What are they thinking? What do they really want? This is not good.

I bet that statement was written by a Black Lives Matter ghost writer. Just my opinion.

Dear Archbishop: All lives matter.


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10 responses to “Ambush-Assassinations of our LEOs: Damnable statement of the USCCB

  1. sanfelipe007

    Maybe the USCCB would like to adopt a zero-tolerance police policy?

    • Father George David Byers

      That was my thought exactly.

      • Father George David Byers

        In this case, if one Officer does something wrong, with or without that one Officer being convicted, then ALL Law Enforcement Officers always and everywhere are guilty of racism and at the ready violence for the sake of racism. That’s a short route to chaos.

      • Father George David Byers

        Thus, if one LEO is perceived to have done something wrong, then, with or without due process, he and ALL LEOs everywhere and at all times are to be held to be convicted of wrongdoing and that they are continuously eager for wrongdoing. The Archbishop may feel that this is not his private conscience, but that he is forced into this political correctness, which for him may well be the definition of his public duties, but that, as Saint Thomas More says, is a short route to chaos:

  2. Monica Harris

    Yes, CNS running similar stories from US bishops re: “dialogue” about racism.

  3. Captain Obvious

    I’m really looking forward to your analysis of Luke 22:51, Matthew 26:52, et al.

  4. Dick

    The good Bishop enjoins ‘people of good will’ to come together and sing Kumbaya . . . all well and good in pre-K, your excellency, but what about those without ‘goodwill’? What about those who choose the Dark Side? Does one rationalize with a ravening lion?
    Does one bow meekly to the executioner’s sword? How’s that working out for ya among the Christians of the Middle East?
    How about when JC told the boys to BUY a sword?

  5. monicaharris58

    Thank you for that video clip–archbishop Sample used that line in a talk 2 years ago and I bookmarked it but didn’t know it was in the movie. Bears remembering amidst political confusion and church vs state stuff.

  6. Was not the USCCB also responsible for the Dallas Charter under which no priest is safe – from false accusations? If so, not surprising that the USCCB are throwing Law Enforcement Officers as a whole, under the bus.

    Has anything of real value come out of Catholic Conferences of Bishops?

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