LAST CALL for yet another assassinated police officer, this time from Kansas

LEO robert david melton

Captain Melton (46 years old with Tour of Duty of 26 years)


This was written by Senior Master Investigator Cardell L. Dobbins #188 (Ret.) Illinois Secretary of State Department of Police District 01, Region 01 – July 20, 2016. Please note that the one was in Kansas and the other in Illinois. Solidarity. ///

My heart is filled with great sadness at learning of the lost of your loved one and fellow Officer. We in the law enforcement community are a family, although our uniforms may be a different style and vary in color, a badge, shield or star may be pinned upon our chest. Our areas of enforcement may vary but our goals are the same, to Serve and Protect our communities. We consist of many different agencies from across the nation, for we are: Municipal Police Officers, Sheriff’s Deputies, State Police Investigators, State Highway Patrol Troopers, Conservation Police Officers, College Campus Police Officers, Correctional Officers and Federal Agents just to name a few.
We patrol small towns, large cities, college campuses, county roads, state highways, state prisons, county jails, state parks and the United States Borders. Whether active duty or retired, we are one family, a Law Enforcement Family, the thin blue line of protectors, brothers and sisters bonded together by HONOR, SERVICE and PRIDE. Daily we honor our fallen brothers and sisters never forgetting their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their families.

Daily our position is clear that we will Serve and Protect our communities without faltering and with no hesitation. Daily we show pride in our chosen profession LAW ENFORCEMENT, for we willingly walk the line of good over evil facing the unknown with courage keeping our trust and our faith in GOD.

We know that evil roam these streets and at any moment in the course of performing our duties the ultimate sacrifice might be required of us in the service to our community, for Law Enforcement is not a job but a calling and only a few will make the decision to commit to that calling to serve for some will give all that they have.

ALL LIVES MATTER – LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS SHOULD BE RESPECTED – If we don’t respond to that call for help, or investigate that suspicious subject, or stop for that stranded motorist, or rush to that call of shots fired then who will?


  • You did not die in vain.
  • You sacrificed your life in the service to the citizens of Kansas City in the State of Kansas with HONOR, PRIDE and DISTINCTION.
  • I’m proud to have worn the uniform of a law enforcement officer like you did.
  • I’m proud to have pinned the badge upon my chest like you did.
  • I’m proud to have Served and Protected my community as you did.
  • I’m proud to call you my BROTHER!
  • I commend you my fallen brother for making the ultimate sacrifice in the performance of your duty.
  • For you left us doing what you chose to do.
  • Performing a job you were trained to do.
  • Upholding the oath you swore to do.
  • Most importantly doing what you loved to do………. Serving and Protecting your community with Honor and Pride making a better and safer place for us all.


Captain Melton status……….

Captain Melton status…………

Captain Melton status………..

Attention All Units……………. [I this point I always tear up]

Kansas City Police Department, Captain Robert David Melton having served the citizens of Kansas City in the State of Kansas with HONOR, PRIDE and DISTINCTION is now 10-42.

Rest in Peace my fallen Brother, YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!!!

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One response to “LAST CALL for yet another assassinated police officer, this time from Kansas

  1. sanfelipe007

    How beautiful and poignant.

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