Box-in manuevers, shooting cars in my parish: boring druggies but not Jesus

In the same part of my parish where the ol’ PIT manuever takes place with increasing frequency (see: Guns, PITs, yours truly, a new friend), there are those who, being knuckleheads and all, try to do the box-in manuever.

This has never played out on me in my life as I had an experience some thirty years ago when three 18-wheelers mistook me, I guess, for someone else, and boxed me in, putting the crush on with just inches, it seemed, from the bumpers of my car to the back and front bumpers of the 18-wheelers to the front and back of me. The other was just to my left. In order not to be crushed, which was imminent, I would have to zip out on to the shoulder to the right, which was only one car width wide, as there was a guard rail. Just when I was about to jump out – and they knew this (good timing on their part) and I couldn’t see it – there was a broken down vehicle on the shoulder which I would have slammed into at full speed. I knew that that might be the case, and so just avoided it at the last second, but jumped out and slammed on the brakes right afterward, with all three 18-wheelers also slamming on their brakes. But they had to keep going nonetheless. Heh heh heh. That experience stuck with me, and so I notice the possible situation developing when such a configuration on the road arises.

I met a lady, a wonderful pro-life activist, who happened to be at one of my stops on the rounds to those needing accompaniment in one way or the other. Amazingly, she knew a couple of my good friends and heroines from back in the day, Donna Steichen (who had wanted to write about me, of all people, though I declined) and Rita Marker. It was these characters who pushed me to get to know Father Paul Marx when I was just a little kid, a friendship that would continue decades, with him asking me to take over Human Life International (though control had just gone to the board, with the members wanting to go the way of – how to say this – someone more conciliatory than Father Marx, who was always friendly by the way). Anyway, she told me that the box-in manuever has been tried on her in this part of my parish with some frequency, once with the same knuckleheads doing this to her twice in a row, failing both times as she knows how to slam on her brakes and have the whole thing recorded on 911. Heh heh heh.

The idea for the perp is to pull in front of you, that is, right in front of you, just feet away, and then slam on the brakes at 55 miles an hour. You want to pull out to the other lane but cannot because his buddy has planted himself right next to you. Your only other option is the ditch, but on these roads there isn’t much of a shoulder, more often just the white line and a drop off gully that would make your car flip. But even if you try to avoid them, risking grave injury or death to yourself, you still end up rear-ending them while slamming on your brakes as they are just too close. No one is seriously hurt but they collect big time, you know, because you were following too closely. The way out of this for the would-be victim is to slam on the brakes before it happens. That’s what my activist friend does. That’s what I’ve always done. I can’t even count the times. And in slamming on the brakes when I suspect this, very frequently the other vehicle does the same, but then it’s too late for them as I’m already stopped dead out of harm’s way. :-)

I’m guessing that the PIT and box-in manuevers are used by some of the same knuckleheads who take pot shots at people passing by on whatever road. Quite a number of parishioners have mentioned this to me and are pretty disgusted by it, angry even. It seems to be quite the pass-time in a particular region of my parish. Some of those they shoot at are highly decorated WWII veterans who just don’t need that un-American, un-patriotic, inhuman aggravation in their lives. Ah well. All in a day’s occasions to turn to the Lord and, with the Lord’s goodness and kindness, hold out a spirit of forgiveness to the coward perps. After all, they’re probably on meth, right?

Druggies are boring because they can’t drive and they can’t shoot. They’re just boring. And sin is boring. The only One enthralling totally is the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Prince of the Most Profound Peace, Christ Jesus, who will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire, just the one they need to be introduced to all the more. Hmmm…. Maybe that’s why my guardian angel is setting up such scenarios. ;-)

BTW: I love my parish to pieces. One reader suggested my being a chaplain to the local law enforcement. Don’t think I haven’t offered to help start up programs for them in this regard but more on that later.

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