World Youth Day 2016 sex ed sex abuse

World Youth Day 2016 Pope Francis and Jesus

After reading about the hard core XXX porn video recommendations being made to 16-18 year olds at World Youth Day 2016 as put together by the Pontifical Council for the Family’s sexually abusive sex-education program being promoted among these youngsters I feel like vomiting and that I’m about to have a heart attack.

I could say some pretty rough things and use some pretty rough language to assist the intent of my comments, but that doesn’t do me any good, nor would it do you any good.

But I will say this: If any priest were to promote those recommendations of the Pontifical Council for the Family to 16-18 year olds, such a priest would forthwith be dismissed from the clerical state (laicized) by Pope Francis and then sued for sex-abuse and thrown in prison for the rest of his life in these USA.

But if any priest were to argue against such an abusive program and not comply with some sex-crazed (Arch)bishop’s sex-abusive sex-ed program based on this rubbish at “The Pope’s World Youth Day”, he would soon find himself without any assignment, without any means to live. After a few years he would be laicized just to get him out of the way.

Here’s the deal: I would rather be a priest forever in heaven even though having suffered on this earth, than to go to hell as a priest where I would be tormented worse than anyone else forever.

Perhaps those who ram this diabolical scandal in the faces of youngsters should be reminded that Jesus, BECAUSE of his mercy will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by the fire of His love, which will burn ardently in those who are with Him, but which will be a source of the most intense and burning frustration for those who did not welcome children with the respect which is their due.

Meanwhile, I am going to continue being the priest I am happy to be. I will keep up with the Sacraments. I will pray. I will follow the love and goodness and kindness and mercy and truth and justice of Jesus. I will fend off all attempts to destroy souls in my parish. I will pray for the Roman Pontiff and those in the Roman Curia. But I am God’s servant first.

– Father George David Byers – Missionary of Mercy of Pope Francis

P.S. Dear Pope Francis, if a mutual friend shows you this post, why not consent to the interview I would I like to have with you? I have some questions for you.

= I need to write a post with the title “Flores for the Immaculate Conception”…


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6 responses to “World Youth Day 2016 sex ed sex abuse

  1. monicaharris58

    You can kind of see why the Synod(s) on the Family were so confusing. What can we Lay People do, other than pray Jesus comes with his cords and whips?

  2. Of course Jesus knew all of this was coming. Maybe that is why He came to remind us of His mercy and to teach us to say, ” Jesus, I trust in YOU!”

    Because He is all we need – (not easy to accept – but true) – and He is the only one we can trust. I for one am glad He told us “The gates of Hell shall not prevail against MY church” because evil sure is doing it’s worst to destroy us all. Jesus I trust in You! –

    By the way, Sex Ed should be parents responsibility.

  3. Oh boy, immature adults being “sophisticated” acting like the only method of teaching sex is to use a Socratic method wherein they present imagery to teenagers as if they have to stimulate their sexual appetite in order to get them to think about sex. Been there, done that! Any person with a fraction of sophistication is aware that today’s youth are being bombarded with sexual stimulation and psychologically they are just tired. They just might appreciate a talk about sexuality without the sexual imagery! (if you would just give them credit as being sophisticated enough).

  4. Oh boy, immature adults being “sophisticated” to act like the best way to teach sexuality is the Socratic method and the only way to encourage the Socratic method is to present imagery to stimulate youth to think about sex. Haven’t we been there, done that! Anyone with a fraction of sophistication today, knows that youth are bombarded with sexual references and are psychologically tired of it. They just might appreciate a sexual program that downplays the sexual references (if, of course, adults would wake up to the fact that they just might be sophisticated enough).

  5. Minty

    I beg all priests through this media to read: “Dignity and Duties of The Priest or Selva” by St. Alphonsus De Liguori.
    ..’be thou to the people in the things that pertain to God’, pg. 47
    ..’the priest who does not give good example will bring contempt on his preaching and all his spiritual functions’, pg. 238
    ..all spoken by priests that does not edify is dangerous to them and in fact criminal’, pg 241

  6. Mary Clare Wareham

    This horrid and diabolical program is in complete contrast to the 1995 Pontifical Council for the Family document the Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality which says parents must reclaim their role and responsibility in chastity/sex education and the Church must help them. Schools are NOT to take over the parents’ role as they have been doing. Please read and spread this document. It also says that any child or young person HAS THE RIGHT TO BE EDUCATED IN THESE MATTERS WHILE REMAINING CHASTE. THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO THEIR CHASTITY AND MAY LEAVE THE CLASSROOM IF THEY FEEL THEY ARE BEING VIOLATED IN THIS. And if they leave I suggest they file a lawsuit against the teacher, priest or school that foists this pornographic material on them. Father you are totally correct in your response and feelings above. I and many other parents and grandparents stand with you.

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