Suicide attempt of my best friend priest

GORDON MACRAEHere’s my comment on the article My Darkest Night of falsely accused and wrongly imprisoned Father Gordon J MacRae (About) on his suicide attempt. By the way, after 22 years in prison, he is still a priest in good standing with all his faculties. He was never “chartered” under the Dallas Charter. Why? Because he’s actually innocent, and everyone knows it, including the Holy See on the one hand and SNAP et al on the other hand.

Here’s the deal with the guilty:

Those who are guilty of such things [sexual abuse] are so incredibly narcissistic that they couldn’t possibly take their own lives. That’s just not how it works. When they are caught out, it’s no big surprise. They’ve been expecting it. They take it in stride as all part of the game. There may have been some priests guilty among those 26 who committed suicide, but it’s surely not more than a few, if any.

Here’s the deal with the innocent:

Those innocent of such crimes, who were dedicated to their priesthood, who were even accused because their love for the truth and pastoral generosity were not appreciated, those priests who wanted nothing more than that their parishioners would be temples of the Holy Spirit, enjoying the freedom of a chastity according to one’s state in life that provides purity of heart and agility of soul, those who were seen to be easy targets for false accusations leveled to extort settlements, those priests who had not been prepared in their seminary training for the “As the Master, so the disciple” dynamic because their seminaries were all about politically correct academics and niceness, those priests who didn’t buy into that politically correct one-upmanship because it distracted from pastoral charity, those priests who understandably but unfortunately mistakenly put too much of their hope on the much hyped idea of team spirit, these priests were, when they were betrayed with accusations and then abandoned by their best friends, abandoned by their families, abandoned by their work friends in the chancery, abandoned by their chancellors and vicar generals, abandoned by their bishops, abandoned even and in some cases especially by those who work in the various offices of the Roman Curia, all insisting in their own ways on a lack of due process as a policy to be followed, those priests who were said to be rapists of the worst kind, accused of everything which was the exact opposite of who they were before God and man, those whose very existence was now an embarrassment to the self-referential, self-congratulatory, narcissistic church of Promethian neo-Pelagian self-absorption… these priests, who were so concerned about not giving scandal to the innocent people in the pews, these priests are the one’s who committed suicide with a reasoning that defies the light of day, but which made perfect sense to them in the night of darkness into which they were thrown like trash, as if they actually were the refuse and garbage and scum of mankind. And yet, in all their suffering, these priests are the unsuspecting true heroes whom we will see shine brighter than the stars of heaven for all eternity, for Jesus, who died that we might live, knows what it means to be betrayed, and knows how weak we are, how devoid of logic when we are smashed down and bludgeoned even after we think we are already long dead. Jesus will surely welcome these souls as martyrs into the joys prepared for them before the foundation of the world. Jesus will say to them: “I know you! Welcome home!”

Father Gordon survived. Oh my! Now he would have to face how logic in the night of darkness doesn’t hold up in the light of day. How embarrassing! How much failure! But, no. In going through this ignominy he learned to walk with Jesus, now fully cognizant of all that which he didn’t learn in the seminary nor from his fellow priests, that is, about the wounds of Jesus, wounded in His hands and feet, in His side, His Sacred Heart of Divine Mercy. Now he knows redemption from the perspective of Jesus, from the Cross. After all, Jesus had said that when He was lifted up on the Cross He would draw all to Himself. When we are in solidarity with Jesus even while He is in solidarity with us, Jesus gives us His own Heart with which to love.

Thank you, Father Gordon.
You are a priest’s priest.
Thank you.

Father George David Byers
Missionary of Mercy of Pope Francis

Now, go read Father Gordon MacRae’s article: My Darkest Night.


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4 responses to “Suicide attempt of my best friend priest

  1. Thank you Father for this post.

    A friend recently told me about a priest, who some years ago committed suicide after having been accused of sexual molestation.

    My friend used to see him often in the church, sitting on a back pew and saying his breviary as well as in the Adoration chapel. He committed suicide before his trial. My friend continues to pray for him and I have added his name to the Holy Hour l make just for priests.

    Thank you for giving us hope that his suicide does not mean his eternal condemnation

    God bless

  2. Nancyv

    Whew! What a dream Fr. Gordon had. Thank you so much for inviting us in the 54 day Rosary novena for him. I am in awe.

  3. There are times when a parent interiorly cries in agony when their child or children suffers. Always, I believed that we, as parents, could never suffer anything greater than to experience this. Now, I know differently. I’m not sure we are agonized any less for our Father Gordon. The helplessness is debilitating. How much sadder when he thought we might judge him harshly. Doesn’t he know he’s a saint? It’s so obvious to us!

    God bless you for your friendship to Fr. Gordon, Fr. George. You will be counted among the friends of martyrs, too, I’m sure.

    Lord God Almighty, Abba Father, see the suffering of Your son. Mercy, Lord!

  4. Patty

    Father Gordon-Thank you for sharing your darkest moments. It is apparent that God is using you to reach many around the world so you can share the message of God’s mercy. You are a great teacher and vessel of God’s love.

    I pray that you will be cleared of the charges you so wrongfully have been accused.


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