Flores for the Immaculate Conception (terribly unsophisticated edition)

flores white vine

Today in the Roman Rite there are two titles of the Mother of God assumed soul and body into heaven which we celebrate, (1) the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Extraordinary Form Calendar, and in some communities by way of indult also in the Ordinary Form Calendar (e.g., Missionaries of Charity), and (2) the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and earth, angels and men, in the Ordinary Form.

There is hardly disparity here, for she is Queen because she has an Immaculate Heart, for with that purity of heart and agility of soul she assented to be the Virgin Mother of God and also of us, for just as she is the Mother of God because she is Mother of the Divine Person of Jesus, whose human nature she brought to the light of day, so also she is our Mother in that Jesus is Head of the Body of Christ while we are the members of that Body.

shepherd boyAt the risk of being discounted as a terribly unsophisticated and naive little boy, I should like to dare you – double dare you even – on this very day to pick some actual biological flowers wherever you might find them, say, along the roadside, put them in a bitty vase with some water, and put these in front of an image of our Lady in your local church or oratory. And if there are candles which you can light, why not light one. I am indeed reminded of going with my mom to pray before an image of our Lady at our Cathedral crypt side chapel of a hand carved Pietà at two and three and four years of age. Perhaps I should just grow up, but I don’t want to do that, not ever.

Had I been more sophisticated (politically correct) in my life, I would never have been able to write about our Lady in Genesis 3:15 as being free from the sin of Adam and therefore the Immaculate Conception. I would not have been willing to be the odd man out, being the only one in the world to demonstrate how it is from the Hebrew text and against every one else that the transmission of original sin is by propagation and not imitation. During my decades in Rome I must say that I never met even one active professor who believed in the doctrine of original sin. Instead, even the most orthodox “hammer of heretics” caved on this and said it was an invention of Saint Augustine (though Augustine actually opted for sin by imitation, just at a very early age just after conception). Anyway:


  • The above is a very short summary of the thesis with added points about the Immaculate Conception of Virgin Mother of the Redeemer
  • The following audio is the recorded conference itself:


  • The above is the thesis in which all this was demonstrated from the Hebrew text.
  • This took the interest of Benedict XVI, who, while in Lourdes at the Angelus address on  14 September 2008, reversed a lifetime of thought about original sin and the immaculate conception.

Update: So, following my own advice:

flores mary

Hard to see, but there are two Palestinian donkey’s drinking water in the background.


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3 responses to “Flores for the Immaculate Conception (terribly unsophisticated edition)

  1. Monica Harris

    Father Byers, is that hymn Ave Maria Stella, or? The tune is familiar, but I can’t place it (sorry for the ignorance). Lovely.

  2. Monica Harris

    Ah, thank you, that’s it!

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