“Maybe your guardian angel is reminding you to pray”


As one priest said to me the other day: “This kind of thing only happens to you.”

As the retired cop said to me while I was bringing him to the hospital early this morning, starting out about 3:00 am, “I’ve seen you have more close calls in a short amount of time than I have seen in my entire career in law enforcement.”

Here are a couple of recent incidents he witnessed while I carted him to hospitals, the first the other week and the second about 4:00 AM this morning, halfway on our trip, both within a few miles of each other…

(1) Some guy ran out on the four lane throwing an open gym bag down in one lane while jumping in front of my car in the other lane. There I was, screeching to a stop right in front of him with the traffic behind us also screeching to a halt. My cop friend said it was a car jacking in progress and I was the prey. Carrying my “carry”, well, no worries. But before I could react in any way, what seems to be my perpetual law enforcement escort appeared out of thin air, ably taking care of the situation. We got underway again, and from just that direction counted nine cruisers responding. I called in my willingness to be a witness, which was appreciated.

(2) This morning a truck came out of nowhere it seems, sped up behind us, moved way to the left, sped up so that the front of his car and the back of mine were alongside each other, and then he violently jerked his car behind mine, somehow impossibly not hitting me. The cop in my passenger seat said that he could easily have flipped our vehicle and asked me to call it in, as surely he’s going to kill someone, adding that usually everyone dies in such incidents except the perp, who simply walks away like nothing happened. I did, hating to bother the nice dispatcher lady yet again, but it is what it is.

He surmised that: ” Maybe your Guardian Angel is reminding you to pray.”

This is being written in the surgery waiting room on my phone. The doctor just came out to say it was a very successful operation, but that he would be in excruciating screaming pain when the “block” wears off. A Hail Mary, please.


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14 responses to ““Maybe your guardian angel is reminding you to pray”

  1. Nancyv

    First I prayed for your cop friend … Then I prayed for the crazy people who were acting out evil… And finally for you Fr. George. Oh, and then a prayer of great thanksgiving for our Guardian angels.

  2. Please tell your friend I am praying for him too. And you too Father. Every morning a prayer to the guardian angel. Every morning!

  3. Nan

    Maybe etiquette would help you here? Look what it did for James Bond. What?

  4. sanfelipe007

    There are few things more exciting and terrifying than the unseen battles of our Guardian angels.

  5. Given the weirdly close attention that the police seem to pay to you — sometimes seeming like harassment, given your experiences I am suspecting that they simply know something that they are not telling you, and are keeping watch over you. We will all be curious to find out the truth when it becomes known.

  6. A prayer for your friend…and maybe one for my sister who just had surgery, yesterday. Just got off the phone with her and she said it smacks when the ‘block’ wears off.

    Ok…now about that guardian angel. Could it be that he/she just wants to remind you that he/she is STILL there with you? Thank God for His angels…and his sainted priests.

    God bless, Fr. George

  7. Father George David Byers

    Isn’t it strange that there’s only one canonized diocesan priest?

    None of us could do anything to make our guardian angels run away. They see the face of God.

    Angels are always presented as male in the Scriptures, though they are pure spirits.

  8. Liz

    I hope you are doing okay, Father. You do lead a most exciting, if terrifying life! Prayers for your surgery even if I’m just getting back to this page days later. I hope all is okay now. I keep thinking of your extreme sports at a child and how they were really a great preparation for the future. God is so good to us to have our pasts help us with our futures. God be with you! (and your guardian angel!!)

  9. sanfelipe007

    How many diocesan priests have become Pope?

  10. Father George David Byers

    @ Liz – Not my operation! I was bringing the LEO to the hospital!

  11. Father George David Byers

    @ sanfelipe007 — yes, o.k., but that’s just the thing. The canonized parish priests have become religious community founders, or bishops, or missionaries no longer in their diocese. Or they run off and become martyrs, etc. But parish priests just as mere parish priests becoming canonized saints… I think just the Saint John Marie Vianney.

  12. Liz

    Oh well that’s good. Prayers for whomever it was and for you too! ;)

  13. sanfelipe007

    Your clarification is well taken, Father.

    “Isn’t it strange that there’s only one canonized diocesan priest? ”

    It is “diocesan” that stands out to me. My question is not “how many diocesan priests became Pope when they were just priests” but “how many Popes started out as diocesan priests,” as opposed to religious priests.? I know, how did I get to “there” from the starting point of your statement?

    Better for me to have asked “how many religious priests have been canonized?” That, I think would have been a more coherent question on my part..

  14. sanfelipe007

    Hey! You moved the goalpost from “diocesan” to “parish”! Well, that is fair, I think, since I moved the goalpost, first, from “canonized” to “Pope!”

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