Flores for the Immaculate Conception (setting off fireworks edition)

flores fireworks

After yet another non-stop day among the flock, and then confessions and Mass, and then giving the Last Rites to a wonderful elderly parishioner at Murphy Hospital, I raced back to Andrews just in time to cross the police line so as to go back to the shooting area to pray with the local volunteer fire department before they started lighting up the world. Spectacular. The fireworks aren’t the flowers for the Immaculate Conception. It was the prayer. That a Catholic priest did this will set off some fireworks in some circles. But, after all, I have to live up to my reputation as a troublemaker, right? ;-)


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2 responses to “Flores for the Immaculate Conception (setting off fireworks edition)

  1. Nancyv

    Father! You rabble rouser, you! I am praying for courage to be a “troubadour” for our Lord. He has given us a great example in you.

  2. monicaharris58

    “It was the prayer.” Okay…..what did you say, and did the night conclude with all digits and eyeballs and tympanic membranes intact, more or less?

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