Being on target? Good for humility…


That’s actually 15 hard nose at the furthest distance for a North Carolina qualification, all of them within an inch or so of center target, most going slightly South. I told this to my neighbor who can do about anything with a gun, and he looked to the ground, sighing, telling me a story about his rifle days, I guess implying that I should give up on the Glock 19 9mm Gen 4 that I have, and just concentrate on some rifle work. He said he and a friend used to put out an American .25¢ piece (a quarter) at 1,500 yards and see who could hit it closest to the center, it being a given that they would both hit it somewhere, of course. I blame the Glock having perhaps the heaviest trigger pull of any gun anywhere. He doesn’t buy it. That, of course, is a challenge to always get better. But then it’s a bit depressing, enough to give up. But I think I’ll take up the challenge bit.


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3 responses to “Being on target? Good for humility…

  1. Monica Harris

    Does this mean you got your CCW permit in N Carolina?

  2. Hey, go easy one yourself Father, that’s not bad for a beginner. If that was a big bad guy – you’d have hit him. No one becomes a sharp shooter without practice, practice, practice.
    BTW check out –

    or talk to a GOOD gunsmith.

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