Baton Rouge Police Officer Nick Tullier: extremely critical condition

LEO Nick TullierPlease pray for Officer Nick Tullier, who is in a Baton Rouge hospital fighting for his life. Prayers for him that he pulls through.

Update 14 September 2016:  A kind reader let me know early this morning that Nick underwent another successful surgery. Thank God. Let’s keep praying. To follow Nick’s progress:


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32 responses to “Baton Rouge Police Officer Nick Tullier: extremely critical condition

  1. Janice


  2. Holly Hutto

    Praying for Officer Tiller and believing for a miracle!

  3. James Anderson

    He is on my daily prayer list.

  4. Judy McClure

    Prayers going up.

  5. Healing prayers for him and prayers for peace for his family.

  6. Marian Wianecki

    Please get well, Officer Nick Tullier. Thank you for your services. ❤️

  7. Alicia London

    Thinking of him all of the time. Prayers prayers prayers…….

  8. Nelda

    Praying that God will heal him & give his family strength as they stand beside him.

  9. linda jackson

    Praying for a miracle in officer tulliers life for wisdom and skilled loving hands and for his family…

  10. monicaharris58

    East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Nick Tullier, a Livingston Parish resident, remains in critical condition in a Baton Rouge hospital. He suffered gunshot wounds to the head and abdomen during an ambush shooting at a Baton Rouge convenience store July 17
    dated 7-26-16

  11. monicaharris58

    WWLTV July 29

    BATON ROUGE — One of the officers wounded during the July 17 shooting in Baton Rouge is set to undergo another surgery today.

    According to WBRZ, Corporal Nick Tullier will undergo surgery on Friday, July 29. Tullier was shot in the head and torso during the police shooting that claimed the lives of three officers and injured three more.

    Those who wish to send messages to Tullier and his family can write to the following address:

    Cpl. Nick Tullier

    PO Box 938

    Denham Springs, LA 70727

  12. Father George David Byers

    That’s smart of them to get a PO Box. I hope the FBI checks all the incoming. The freakoid killers would put in white powder, have wires protruding from a package or envelope, etc. Be careful!

  13. Anita Rohmer

    I have been praying for Officer Twiller and his family and will continue to do so.
    What I can’t understand is why it’s so hard to get recent updates and of how the others injured are doing! I search the internet and usually find the latest update was July 16. This is July 30! A LOT can happen in one day, much less 15!

  14. Monica Harris

    Anita: there is a Facebook page now “Nick Tullier Strong” that can keep you up to date–so far, condition still critical, has not regained consciousness–so will need a miracle–for which we are praying!!

  15. Robin Davis

    Prayers for Nick. Prayers for his family & fellow policemen. My husband was a police officer for 36 years. I understand the stress of a policeman & his family’s life. Will continue praying for a quick recovery..

  16. monicaharris58

    As you are seeing the end in sight for Father Macrae’s Novena, please continue to pray for Officer Nick Tullier, whose battle also continues, and who also needs a miracle:
    Nick Tullier Strong-facebook page:
    Day 33 update. This one will also be short. At least that’s my plan. No fever tonight. Sleeping comfortably right now. We watch his vitals to tell when he asleep or awake. Anyway, exterior head injury continues to heal. Still have a drain hooked up to his head. I’m sure internally, Nick is working trying to reconnect. That’s his job now. Abdomen no change. Wound vacs are still in place. He’s lost a lot of weight. Over 40 lbs since the shooting. Still using the feeding tube. Hopefully they’ve stopped further weight loss.
    I do believe in miracles and fully believe that we are witnessing a miracle in progress with Nick. Prayer Warriors the world over, please keep it up. These contiuing prayers have helped keep Nick here. Thank you very much.
    Please continue praying for the flood victims.
    Please continue praying for other fallen LEO’s and their families.
    Please pray for the family of Brother Delmas Taylor.
    Let’s all pray for World Peace. That’s a tough one but why can’t that be accomplished. Miracles do happen. Thank you.

  17. @ Monica Harris, I’ve started another 54 day rosary novena for my sister and Nan’s sister…will add Officer Nick. Please keep us posted on his progress as we don’t live in the States.

  18. Monica Harris

    Everyone, including the physicians, think it’s a miracle that Nick Tullier is still alive, so prayers will not “be wasted”! Encouraging news every now and again really helps though, at least for me.

  19. Stephen.Round.

    He Cpl Nick.Tullier is in my Prayers.His loved ones and all law enforcement

  20. Nan

    geneticallycatholic, thank you for your prayers. Janet is getting weak; she drinks water, pop and gatorade and a little broth. She has been stumbling but can still walk to the patio to smoke (right?) if someone is with her. Tonight she was so weak she couldn’t hold her head up. She still looks healthy at this point so some liquid must be processing through her body. I brought pop and flowers and told her I wish there was something more I could do. She told me pop and flowers are good; I bought fall colors that I know she likes. I don’t have a sense for how long she has, her stated goal was to live until her birthday, Oct. 8.

  21. God bless you and Janet, Nan. Thank you for telling me Janet’s name, and her condition. I’m praying that Our Lady wraps her loving mantle around Janet – and that Janet comes to know of the infinite love of Her Son, because that’s what Our Blessed Mother does – always points the way to Her Son.

  22. Nan

    Thank you. She isn’t interested in seeing a priest, but I have one who will come if she changes her mind. Tonight I told her that it’s okay if she decides she hurts too much to wait for her birthday and she said okay. She’s still lucid and likes visitors but her voice is getting wispy.

  23. Monica Harris

    Nan, I hope you have told her about the donkey-priest.

  24. Nan

    Monica, sadly, she isn’t receptive to hearing about Fr. or any other priest and is getting pretty wispy. It’s approx 2 mos since her diagnosis and she may have another month to live.

    I didn’t see her today because she had family friends visiting; I had contacted a bunch of people she wanted to see and let them know who to contact before visiting. I’ll go sit with her tomorrow for awhile.

  25. Thanks for the update, Father. Continuing prayers.

  26. Monica Harris

    Nick Tullier is finally stable enough medically to be transferred to TIRR, a top rehabilitation hospital! Day 122 after the shooting.

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