Not a jailbird, not yet anyway


The judge gave me a reprieve, but my next call to jury duty may well be coming in the foreseeable future. That’s O.K. The Lord is the Lord of History. I’ll have to insist about the chaplaincy now. The FBI fingerprinting for the CCH is tomorrow. Perhaps that can double as the check for the chaplaincy and the victims’ assistance program…


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12 responses to “Not a jailbird, not yet anyway

  1. pattiday

    Yea! Thank you, Jesus and Our Lady.I had to be fingerprinted to be a Catechist for our Church. It was a strange feeling.

  2. Monica Harris

    Of what chaplaincy are you speaking, Fr Byers? jail chaplaincy or ?
    I have found that for some strange reason, fingerprints the Feds have on file for one thing, don’t seem to translate to others–they have some wall between their fiefdoms.
    Thank you, Blessed Virgin Mary!

  3. Fr. Byers: What would be your take if the case is a civil case, a lawsuit involving a fender bender, or any case involving two corporate entities instead of two physical persons? Rich

  4. Monica Harris

    Jail chaplaincy is both a good thing, and a brilliant strategy if you land up at that specific jail on the wrong side of the bars–Holy Spirit strikes again!

  5. James Anderson

    Praise The Lord!!!

  6. Glad to hear this news. Thank You, Jesus.

  7. Nan

    Do government entities share fingerprints? It would be a good thing if you can arrange it.

    • Father George David Byers

      I think they do share but just want to see you do it with them at that particular office at least once.

  8. In Australia, some people can claim exemption from jury duty. One of these is the clergy. This is as it should be.

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