Fr Gordon MacRae on EWTN radio with Bill Donohue and hostess Teresa Tomeo


Father Gordon J MacRae is the one with the glasses. Pornchai Maximilian Moontri is front and center just behind the sign. A great prison picture.


A great program. I hope the bishops responsible for self-absorbed, Promethean, neo-Pelagian self-hero worship smashing down priests regardless of guilt or innocence are rightly shaking with fear about what Bill Donohue has to say, that is, especially what he says he cannot yet say. Heh heh heh.


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3 responses to “Fr Gordon MacRae on EWTN radio with Bill Donohue and hostess Teresa Tomeo

  1. I, too, would like to hear what Phil can’t say right now. I would also like to hear all the things Fr. Gordon has said he would like to say, but can’t say right now.

    The prison picture is great. Max always takes a good picture, especially with that grand smile of his. It makes me think everything is fine in the world. And the picture of Fr. G is the best I’ve ever seen of him. All that is lacking is a Roman collar and hopefully that will be remedied in the not too distant future.

  2. Fr. Gordon and Max are good friends of mine that I met three years ago during the Hearts Afire Retreat Program which I was privileged to be a table leader. I have read just about everything that is to be read on his case and firmly believe he is not guilty. After getting to know Fr. Gordon I told him, “Fr. you may no want to hear this but I believe God had a reason for you being behind these walls that was to test you faith which I can see has grown stronger and to minister to men here which you seem to do on a daily basis.” The biggest witness to this is Max’s conversion from Buddhism to Catholicism.

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