Cardinal Dolan ensures priests have no due process before Church or State

Apparently thinking himself to be patriotic, Cardinal Dolan hired Kenneth R. Feinberg (who ran the federal September 11 Victims Fund and took care of those suffering because of the Boston Marathon bombings and the Pulse Nightclub shootings in Orlando), to head up an independent group which is to judge what amount of compensation any accuser of any priest will be awarded. The case is merely handed to them and the Cardinal simply washes his hands of it all, having, then, no ability whatsoever to intervene.

Payments can be made on behalf of deceased “victims” of those merely accused of alleged misdeeds, who, by the way, may also be deceased. The cases can be decades old. The bishops condemn any waiving of any statute of limitations for non-Church-related cases in the criminal justice system since the passage of time makes it impossible for the accused to defend himself, but then the bishops hypocritically condemn any effort not to waive any statute of limitations when it comes to their own priests because they have forbidden themselves to treat priests as worthy of due process. In this way they make themselves heroes for being “tough on priests.”

“I wish I would have done this quite a while ago,” exclaimed Cardinal Dolan to The New York Times.

If you think hiring an anti-terrorist personality like Kenneth R. Feinberg is over the top, know that according to The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, all priests are terrorists and are guilty of anything for which they stand accused simply because of the fact that they were ordained; bishops are forbidden to treat priests as defendants, and are encouraged never to have attorneys involved for anyone.

Feinberg is, of course, under enormous pressure never to find any priest innocent as he could then kiss his patriotic legacy goodbye, becoming, in this way, the enemy of all. Nothing against Feinberg, but isn’t it true that someone in that position is at risk of being paid off by the likes of, say, a Soros?

Go ahead and watch that couple of minutes of Becket excommunicating an ecclesiastic who bows down to state judgments on clergy. Is there a Becket today, anywhere?


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8 responses to “Cardinal Dolan ensures priests have no due process before Church or State

  1. I inwardly cringed when I saw what Cardinal Dolan had done. More false accusations funded by our misguided church hierarchy and a wannabe pope.

  2. Monica Harris

    Good question. I wonder if any of the bishops will stand up for the priests in their charge?

  3. If I understand this correctly, this amounts to what is called a “confessed judgement” in law simply by the fact of a priest’s Ordination. In other words, if someone alleges guilt, the priest is guilty simply by virtue of his priesthood. This is completely intolerable! Poor John Cardinal O’Connor is turning over in his grave! This action will surely promote vocations (sarcasm now off).

  4. Monica Harris

    I just saw the components of the “non-church panel”. Looks like the same types who administered “justice” to Father Macrae? ( former police commissioner, federal district judge, and psychiatrist)

    • Father George David Byers

      They cannot say the priest is innocent when he is condemned by the Bishop. All must necessarily be guilty. Having a commission is a charade.

  5. Monica Harris

    What do you make of Cardinal Dolan saying he was “inspired by Pope Francis in forming the program”? ( it’s OK if you don’t post this, I am just stunned by the lack of fatherhood here)

  6. “Whatsoever you do to the least of My people, that you do unto Me,” I sure hope all those involved in this travesty enjoy their ill gotten heroism, money and fame because I seriously doubt that they will find it worth the price they will have to pay at their judgement day.

    Jesus also tells us to pray for our enemies. These people are the enemies of all of us not just our priests. Think of all the damage they have done to the church (the body of Christ) and subsequently to all of us.

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