Burning down America in my parish. How to make destructive flames turn into ardent love of God and neighbor.


Above is some twenty miles from my parish barreling down the Smoky Mountain Expressway yesterday on one of my many trips of the day. The foreground clouds are smoke. The background clouds, further away by a few miles, are smoke. With smoke in between.

It’s true, we have been in a drought for a long time, but, actually, all these fires, all over the place, in so many counties, and throughout my parish (covering three counties), have been set by arsonists. Here’s a shot in the Nantahala Gorge:


Whole mountainsides are on fire. Just before 5:15 PM Mass yesterday, I got a call from one of my parishioners up in Graham county (lots of arsonists there, who I bet are the same ones who take pot-shots at people on the road) frantically asking for prayers as they were being evacuated, fearful of losing their home as the fire was getting very close indeed. I said that I would cancel Mass and help them evacuate as I have a 4×4, but they said that the road was now already blocked and friends were helping them throw last second grabs into vehicles as they escaped.

Evacuation means looting, which means LOTS of law enforcement. LEOs were everywhere to be seen. It looked like a dozen cruisers and more just in the gorge with specialized fire units and stations to be seen round about. I went up to the mission church to retrieve the Most Blessed Sacrament just in case. Here’s a night of the mountains while driving along:


I must have put on close to 300 miles yesterday chasing about. Typical.

Burning down America? Yep. Just before the elections. That’s how upset this part of America was: Self-Destruction and endangerment of the best.

  • Endangerment of Law Enforcement
  • Endangerment of Fire Fighters
  • Endangerment of peoples’ lives
  • Endangerment of homes and businesses
  • Endangerment of pets and service animals, livestock and game animals
  • Endangerment of the environment, including utilities

The question is, why so much hatred in the hearts and souls of the arsonists?

Answer: ZERO IDENTITY. They don’t know who they are as Americans or even human beings for that matter, because they clearly have no idea who Jesus Christ is. We have work to do to bring them to come to know Jesus!

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One response to “Burning down America in my parish. How to make destructive flames turn into ardent love of God and neighbor.

  1. Liz

    Why, Father? Are they angry about something? High? Just for kicks? I hope everyone is okay. Prayers…

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