Vets and VA: a doctor’s perspective


Backlog of cases at the V.A. now posing an avalanche risk for workers.

Father Byers: while I applaud your Vet post [The nation which forgets its defenders will itself be forgotten. Lest we forget…], and agree with a lot of it, I am starting a […] VA job next week.  The VA system has its challenges (unionized workforce seems to be the main one, good luck un-doing that!). However, in the rank and file VA health care workers, there is a lot of respect and admiration for the vets, even if one is not a military veteran.  To make ALL VA health system workers military veterans? Good luck with that. Vets admire most of the physicians, and vice versa.  Now the “executives”? I don’t have a problem with them required to be veterans, there is already a preference for vets in hiring—of course, diversity and being transgender ( whatever that means) has been thrown in. // The problems in the VA health care system are largely the same problems with health care nationally—“managed”, meaning capitated which is great when people are healthy, not good when people have serious health issues. Also, vets over 65 have better health care, under 65, have to come under “service connection” to have coverage for specific ailments judged to be stemming from their military service. Otherwise, oops, you can have obamacare now? unless you are lucky enough to have benefits from a job. // Pray for me, we physicians are damned if we do and damned if we don’t—I just take care of my patients, as I would my family. Veterans are family. I had an uncle, and now have nephews in the military. // And I needed four ( four!) background checks for this position. It took forever. // Your aim is getting to be scary good! [Flores for the Immaculate Conception (Clergy 10x and almost 10x edition)] I fly back from […] tonight, and last night wished I had my gun (in […] now of course) in case the rioting got to my house. But with your aim.  You are a good shepherd, and I continue to pray for you and your intentions.

Thanks, Doc. I stand corrected. But make sure you have better aim than me!

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