My best friend Father Gordon J MacRae lives in a coffin sized prison-space


So, looking at this picture, double the amount of bunks, coming up with eight bunks, meaning every bunk is:

  • 2 feet high
  • 2 feet wide
  • 6 feet long

That’s 24 square feet of total living space. A normal coffin is actually a bit bigger.

The prison officials were in his cell the other day, measuring the bunks, apparently to see if they could fit in more bunks into the same space.

It seems they are trying to get him to lie about his innocence, in which case they would put him in the offender program in a pod with comparatively infinitely more space and he would then get out of prison as soon as the program was over. He could have done this any time in the last number of decades. He could have taken a plea deal and been out in a matter of months from the beginning. He hasn’t lied about being innocent until now. This kind of “space torture” won’t budge him either. Good for him. See his ABOUT page.

I wonder if those responsible (lay, civil, ecclesial) for putting him in such a situation live in a space that is bigger than 24 square feet for the few moments they are still in this world. I wonder how much space they think they will have in eternity.

Many forget, whether lay, civil or ecclesial, that regardless of anyone’s religion, or atheism, or whatever, Christ our God will nevertheless come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. Amen. Come Lord Jesus. Maranatha!

Oh, and on that note, I should add that once in a while some are horrified to find out that Father Gordon was accused, and they take that to mean he is absolutely necessarily guilty, even though the accusers get tons of money, don’t have to prove their case (just pocket money immediately), even though Father Gordon has not only not had due process, but has not been able to speak for himself in civil or ecclesiastical tribunal until this day, and even though the jury was criminally stacked against him, even though all have overlooked mind-numbing conflicts of interest by pretty much everyone involved, etc., etc., etc.

Those who have such pious ears are guilty of abuse as much as those who actually did it, for they promote a situation in which people will eventually get tired of cutting the heads off the innocent with no due process, and simply wont listen even to real cases anymore.

Did I say that Christ our God will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire? Now is the time to repent. Now is the day of salvation.


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8 responses to “My best friend Father Gordon J MacRae lives in a coffin sized prison-space

  1. pelerin

    Such dreadful living conditions and yet Fr Gordon manages to write such uplifting posts on his blog each week. When I am going through a particularly black period I try and think of all that he is having to endure.

  2. Fr. Gordon makes me think of a modern day Sr. Paul. I am sure he is a victim soul and that his long imprisonment and daily deprivations are being used by God for the good of the Universal Church. I believe that Jesus will exonerate Fr Gordon and offer him heavenly restitution.

    Glad you’re back, Fr. George.

  3. What a “best friend” to have! You are truly blessed, Fr. Byers.

  4. Holly Keller

    My heartbeats continuous prayers for Fr Gordon! The world has taken our priests and is chewing them to pieces while we are helpless to do a thing but pray.
    Fortunately; Christ is Lord! Nothing is waisted and it is His Justice will prevail!

  5. Donna Kaup

    “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”–Martin Luther King, Jr.

  6. Patricia

    How is it even legal to cram so many prisioners into such a small space? It is heartbreaking. Continued prayers for Fr. Gordon.

  7. SognPlaci

    Thank you, Father, for standing by Fr Gordon.

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