Being summoned as a witness in the cause of Ven. Mother Adèle Garnier


The Promoter of the Cause of the now Venerable Mother Adèle Garnier, OSB, foundress, in 1898, of the Adorers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Montmartre, otherwise known throughout the world as the Tyburn Nuns, informed me the other day that a judge for the case at the Congregation for Saints in Rome will soon issue me a summons as a witness.

Being summoned as a witness for anything makes me a bit nervous, but this is altogether different, as the entire heavenly court will be looking on. I feel rather unworthy to have any kind of voice whatsoever in this cause, for I immediately think of the untold numbers of priests the Tyburns have rescued in one way or another, both in the past and today.

Sure, I have prayed for her cause and have asked her intercession. Sure, I know a bit about her through some books (one of which was severely damaged at the hermitage years ago). Sure, I am eager to help in whatever way I can. But what, pray tell, does this involve?

I understand that the “Devil’s Advocate” was done away with, kind of, but not really. I recall a series on Vatican Radio which played up the “Devil’s Advocate” and the trial aspect of some of the causes at the Causes of Saints to no end, making it all very dramatic and a bit frightening, I must say.


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2 responses to “Being summoned as a witness in the cause of Ven. Mother Adèle Garnier

  1. Mark Gruber

    I am much in her favor. Godspeed

  2. Nan

    You’re the second person I’ve known to be a witness to a cause; the first was a doctor who was near the end of his life when I knew him and had been a witness for someone at Mayo clinic and also for someone in the military.

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