D.C. DMV: Merry Christmas Fr Byers


Bad and evil me. On my trip to D.C. I unwittingly yet illegally parked in a handicap space. In far Western North Carolina, such spaces are marked on the pavement and with a sign hovering over the space itself, every single one, at least where I am. In D.C. there’s a sign however far down the street with a tiny arrow saying that all spaces in the direction of the arrow are reserved for whatever. I just didn’t realize it. I came back and… my heart sank. There was $250.00 ticket under the windshield wiper blade. I try hard to never ever break the law in any way, but there I was, sick to my stomach.

When I got back home, I went online and tried to pay with the handy-dandy credit-card option. Instead, a note came up that the ticket hadn’t yet been put through the system and it often takes twenty days for the ticket to show up. I tried many times. It’s now been twenty days. So, entering the ticket number online I find that “The Ticket entered has a balance of $0.00.”

I am grateful. I mean, when’s the last time that ever happened to you? That was a very nice gesture. It seems I have a benevolent “Big Brother” who takes care of his brat little brother. I am grateful.

If this had happened in, say, Palermo, I would be looking over my shoulder wondering when I will have to pay the favor back and in what way. But this is America and D.C., right? Maybe it’s just a glitch. :-)


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4 responses to “D.C. DMV: Merry Christmas Fr Byers

  1. Well, Father, I would cheerfully have reimbursed you for whatever amount you might have had to pay, but your Guardian Angels (Rev. Fathers having two) beat me to it. I didn’t know they allowed Guardian Angels into D.C., what with political correctness being what it is, but perhaps yours slipped past the guards. And we know who they are.
    V. resp’y,

    • Father George David Byers

      It seems that those working for The Company paid the ticket, as they visited the blog soon after doing that leaving their tell-tale marks. 😀

  2. Nan

    That would be a bit creepy, knowing you’re being watched. For decades now.

    • Father George David Byers

      People try to tell me that it’s not benevolent even if they make a big deal of letting me know it’s benevolent. I like to think The Company is pretty cool. Mistakes are known by all. Successes are known by no one.

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