D.C. DMV: Merry Christmas Fr Byers


Bad and evil me. On my trip to D.C. I unwittingly yet illegally parked in a handicap space. In far Western North Carolina, such spaces are marked on the pavement and with a sign hovering over the space itself, every single one, at least where I am. In D.C. there’s a sign however far down the street with a tiny arrow saying that all spaces in the direction of the arrow are reserved for whatever. I just didn’t realize it. I came back and… my heart sank. There was $250.00 ticket under the windshield wiper blade. I try hard to never ever break the law in any way, but there I was, sick to my stomach.

When I got back home, I went online and tried to pay with the handy-dandy credit-card option. Instead, a note came up that the ticket hadn’t yet been put through the system and it often takes twenty days for the ticket to show up. I tried many times. It’s now been twenty days. So, entering the ticket number online I find that “The Ticket entered has a balance of $0.00.”

I am grateful. I mean, when’s the last time that ever happened to you? That was a very nice gesture. It seems I have a benevolent “Big Brother” who takes care of his brat little brother. I am grateful.

If this had happened in, say, Palermo, I would be looking over my shoulder wondering when I will have to pay the favor back and in what way. But this is America and D.C., right? Maybe it’s just a glitch. :-)


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4 responses to “D.C. DMV: Merry Christmas Fr Byers

  1. Well, Father, I would cheerfully have reimbursed you for whatever amount you might have had to pay, but your Guardian Angels (Rev. Fathers having two) beat me to it. I didn’t know they allowed Guardian Angels into D.C., what with political correctness being what it is, but perhaps yours slipped past the guards. And we know who they are.
    V. resp’y,

  2. Father George David Byers

    It seems that those working for The Company paid the ticket, as they visited the blog soon after doing that leaving their tell-tale marks. 😀

  3. Nan

    That would be a bit creepy, knowing you’re being watched. For decades now.

  4. Father George David Byers

    People try to tell me that it’s not benevolent even if they make a big deal of letting me know it’s benevolent. I like to think The Company is pretty cool. Mistakes are known by all. Successes are known by no one.

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