Flores for the Immaculate Conception (Holy bribe / unholy extortion edition)


Yes, if you look hard in this post-very-hard-frost December picture, you can see one flower for the Immaculate Conception. Perhaps I can offer that up to our Lady in honor of all that happened yesterday, which was the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. There were mañanitas at 5:00 AM followed by Mass at 6:00 AM, then a blue-lighted procession from one end of the town to the other (thanks to our great Police Force) at 4:30 PM, Mass again at 6:00 PM with a baptism, dance troops from central Mexico after Mass offering a dance which was done as a sacrificial gift to our Lady in that region from time immemorial, the dance taking hours and done all along the route to the Basilica from way out in the mountains, truly exhausting in every way for the dancers.




But not only, the founding Matriarch of the Parish, Miss Rose Mary died, almost 90 years old. What a happy, holy death with all the sacraments and Papal blessings and indulgences with her family around her. This is such a consolation when someone is so very eager to go to meet Jesus, someone who was so very dedicated to our Lady, to the rosary. God speed!

Meanwhile… also yesterday, a bribe and even a reminder of criminal extortion arrived in the mail. The criminal extortion thing is about someone thinking they are clever in knowing that I have a shadow. Wow! That was hard! Ha ha ha! It’s not like I haven’t been telling the world about it for, like, decades! Ha ha ha! I will introduce them to Mr O’Keefe at Main State (Dept. of State) in Foggy Bottom. Ha ha ha! They will find out what a felony does to them when they find themselves surrounded by bars, for years. How cool to be subjected to blackmail when no one involved is guilty of anything. Hah! Meanwhile, my shadow (he and I now becoming friends) sent in $100.00 as a donation to the parish. I’ll sign that and give it to our secretary to put through the Church bank account. He’s the one who called me up, telling me about the extortion, though I also got a call from the extortionist. We both had a good laugh. There is nothing to extort about. Ha ha ha!


The bribe is actually much more intriguing:


Great! I’ll see if I can update this post a bit later with results of some target practice. I need to practice some new grip styles and see if that helps.

Update: It was another hectic day visiting a rehab, then a widow (more about that later), other errands and then my old neighbors at the hermitage. It was pretty rainy, so I didn’t get much practice in there. And night was falling just then. But those are not excuses. I mean, when something bad happens, it won’t be in perfect conditions, right? I’m pretty useless after I think more than a month of no practice whatsoever. The one good point is that I’m not complacent. I’ll have to put in more effort, as you can see:


So, that’s all to the left and mostly South, but bringing them up a bit. Then, attempting to correct the grip, I only succeeded in messing things up, but they were at least more evenly distributed around the center though still all to the South:


Don’t be scandalized that a priest likes the challenge of learning how to kill paper and little adhesive dots! It’s just that my background is rather, um, varied. I haven’t forgotten about writing about a priest and guns. I’m thinking, praying.

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