Flores for the Immaculate Conception (Jesus came to us on purpose edition)


There are many iconic scenes for the Holy Family at this time of year. A reader sent in a version of this with rays coming from Jesus within Mary. But Jesus came in such a very hidden way. The little boy is unsure if he should reach down and pick a flower to give to the Immaculate Conception but there are many right at his feet. Joseph is purposeful. The donkey is content.

Our heavenly Father made it possible for the Holy Family to survive, but just barely. Immediately all the male children 2 years old and under would be killed and the Holy Family would be thrown into what must have been an excruciatingly impoverished and violent and continuously humiliating exile in an enemy country where everyone spoke a different language. The Poor Man would then die 33 years later, ripped to shreds on the cross, all his blood drained from him, the Lamb of God. Yes, God knows what goes on down here on this earth. He came among us on purpose. He doesn’t like it when children can no longer cry for the trauma they’ve been through. I have to wonder if Jesus himself was not for a while in that state. But he came to stand in our stead and have the right in his own justice to have mercy on us, to take us finally to heaven. Such was his purpose.

I know someone who spends all his time trying to figure out who’s who in Aleppo and beyond. I can only imagine the thousand levels of misinformation and disinformation so complex and so convincing that not even the primary players know what to think anymore. Take a gander at even just the sidebar on this Wikipedia page (Battle of Aleppo (2012-2016)) and tell me that it’s not edited by professional psyops guys. The sidebar comes up first for those using small screen devices. Mind boggling…

Meanwhile, I can’t imagine what Israel is thinking about Iran, the latter knowing its nuclear weapons days are numbered, and Israel wondering if Iran is going to throw at them what it can before 20 January 2017. Putin, who’s causing a lot of this, must be frantic.

The nations rage on, but Mary’s Little Boy Child is the Lord of History. This Saturday night, Christmas Eve, is the day of the lighting of the first Hanukkah candle. The Lumen Gentium, the Light of the Nations has arrived to make us living stones in the Temple which is his body (Ephesians 5:30). A flower for his mother is in order. This was taken just the other day, after long hard freezes for so long, impossibly still fresh…


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  1. Monica Harris

    Now THAT is sobering inebriation. Grace to you through our Lord Jesus Christ, on the Feast of His Birth, Father Byers! Thank you.

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