Chocolate Bacon! Merry Christmas to a Jewish Missionary of Mercy! Yikes!


On my epic Christmas escapade to far flung rehabs, hospitals and shut-ins with Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament, there I was, just after the last stop, already nightfall, when I was presented with a Christmas present: Chocolate Bacon made especially for me! Mmmm mmmm good!

Now, honestly, what’s the first thing you think of in seeing such a culinary delight? If you have other answers or would like to explain your answer, drop a comment in the comments box.

UPDATE: As of this update writing, there are 26% of the votes for ISIS being the first thing that comes to mind. The FIRST thing. That’s indicative of a national mood I should think. Very interesting. I can’t wait for 20 January when I might be able to say something directly, finally, to the FBI. We’ll have to see what the list of executive orders are. If there is one which reverses Obama’s making it illegal for the FBI to do some investigation of terrorists in certain places, I’ll pass some information along, that is, again, as what I passed on before was illegal (not for me to send but for the Bureau to take into consideration). Meanwhile, my intention in putting up this post on Chocolate Bacon wasn’t to go after ISIS in any way, but just to do it, recalling similar culinary delights that the seminarians came up with at the Josephinum, like bacon wrapped sausage, kind of like bacon wrapped bacon. :-)


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6 responses to “Chocolate Bacon! Merry Christmas to a Jewish Missionary of Mercy! Yikes!

  1. Angela

    Chocolate Bacon???!!!! No words! Happy Christmas Father!

  2. I’d say all of the above! I have to be honest I didn’t think it was very appealing when I first saw it, but an Amish lady gave me a sample and WOW! If it great!! Don’t knock it if you ain’t tried it.
    On the other hand – Shhhhh! Maybe we should keep it a secret, Father, more for us!

  3. My typo! ~ I wanted to say IT is great.

  4. elizdelphi

    Sneak mine to Laudie Dog, I don’t eat meat!

  5. Monica Harris

    Re: update. You are kidding?!? passing along substantive information about ISIS to the FBI is currently illegal “to be taken into consideration”?
    ( would have to try chocolate covered bacon…as it is, does not look appetizing)

  6. Nan

    Microaggression because Muslims are irrational about pork and we know what they’re missing?

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