Father Philip Gerard Johnson


Ad multos annos! (here on this earth)
In aeternum! (in heaven)

I hope to meet up with the good Father in the coming months. I was all set to assist, but then eleven inches of ice and snow and sleet and slush and ice again and hundreds of vehicles flying off the highways and byways all over the state (until this morning) prevented the journey.

Meanwhile, I was busy shoveling and salting the the driveways and parking lots and sidewalks and entrances of the two churches of this mountain parish, happy to have been able to offer Mass here and be of service in some way. Thanks go to “The-Other-Father-George” in the area for having been willing to take my place here.

Philip’s ordination brings back many memories of Lourdes, of the Eucharistic Congress, of many courses I provided to him when he was too sick to be in the seminary.

Father still has the brain cancer he contracted while serving these United States in the Department of the Navy while on a ship in the Persian Gulf. The aggressive form he has usually takes victims within 18 months. He’s been going some ten years and counting. Things started going well when the Bishop of Raleigh took action by calling on the entire diocese to pray a novena to the Immaculate Conception many years ago.

Father Philip has vowed to spend his priesthood speaking about the Immaculate Conception, the Virgin Mother of God, of her Divine Son, Jesus, Christ our God, the King of kings, the Lord of lords Wonder Counselor, Prince of the Most Profound Peace, who, with all His elect, will come to judge the living and the dead and world by fire. Amen.

Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Mary, for bringing Philip to the priesthood of the Incarnate Word.


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4 responses to “Father Philip Gerard Johnson

  1. nancyv

    Fr. George, I was so hoping to attend the ordination as well, with my “going-to-a-wedding” dress but weather conditions prevailed….and I only live 10 miles from St. Catherine’s! So thankful you now have a new brother priest to share in the journey to help us all get to heaven! Stay safe and God bless!

  2. Liz

    God bless, the new Fr. Johnson. (I don’t know what to call him. In our prayers we’ve always said, “Philip Gerard Johnson,” (mostly because I love St. Gerard so much!) Father Philip Gerard Johnson is a mouthful. I’m so sorry you didn’t get to go, Father George that must have been such a disappointment (like Allessandro not being able to go to St. Maria Goretti’s canonization! Hard!) I’m so happy for Fr. Philip though. His story fills me with such great hope for everything. God bless him!

  3. Angela

    I’m so happy to read this – I followed his story for many years, very glad he is now a priest forever. DG and Ad multos annos!

  4. God bless Fr. Philip Gerald, may his ministry be filled with grace – just like his patroness. I’m sure he’s a real favorite of the BVM. (what’s better than having friends in high places?) Sorry you missed his big day, what a disappointment for you both!
    But – . I’ve learned that when God permits a disappointment in our lives, He will at some point provide a wonderful surprise that more than makes up for it.

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