Tender snowflakes complain that Pope Francis is a meany and, like, stuff…

dung snow

Tender snowflakes haven’t a chance. But the manure they throw is their own.

Some journalists are going out of their way to demonstrate that they are afraid of governance in the Church and afraid especially for this to be done in manly manner. Hah! These tender snowflakes should get in line with the ole sentire cum ecclesia.

I remember a traditional priest taking over a traditionalismist parish who was immediately told by his traditionalismist parishioners that he, the traditional priest, was going to have to obey all their traditionalismist guidelines and fall into line with all their traditionalismist points of view.

His response – may God bless him abundantly – was that this liberal-democratic-run-church way of doing things stopped the second he, the traditional priest, set foot on the property, and that instead, he, as the traditional priest, was going to govern the parish the traditional way, that is, with traditional fatherly governance, whereby there is no room for liberal-democratic-run-church way of doing things, and that he, as a traditional priest, would be providing them, regardless of their acceptance, with all that the Church in her great Tradition provides, all the doctrine, all the morality, all the best in liturgical praxis, and this, not because he liked it or they liked it, but because this is what the Church herself has provided and does provide, the living truth who is charity, Christ Jesus, who, as always, will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire, whether they like it or not. Needless to say, they fell in line with Holy Mother Church right away, thankful for such a reprimand.

Might it be that the Holy Father is quite rough in cleaning house for whatever reason that we don’t know about? I sure hope so. That would then remind us of the event of blessed memory when Christ Jesus himself cleaned house with whips and the ferocity of overturning tables. I mean, really, excuse my French, but where in hell to these criticizers of the Holy Father pretend to be in a position to say that his being rough (if that is the case) is out of line?  Do they want limp-wristedness? I don’t. Oh, was I myself a bit rough there? Yes, well, I also, who am now putting on some years, am getting sick and tired of ad hominem attacks on the Holy Father, to the point that, in solidarity with him, I will also act with a bit of gruff curmudgeonness and use bad words like hell. The thing is, and I tell you the truth, Jesus himself will come to judge the living and the dead and world by fire. Oooooo! #e||-fire… Amen! :-)


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3 responses to “Tender snowflakes complain that Pope Francis is a meany and, like, stuff…

  1. This is very reminiscent of the Pharisees when Jesus started in on them! I am so very happy
    the Holy Spirit sent us Pope Francis!

  2. SognPlaci

    You mean Pope Francis is cleaning house with the help of Amoris Laetita and Cardinal Walter Kasper, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, Cardinal Blase Cupich, Cardinal de Kesel, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Cardinal John Dew, Cardinal Carlos Sierra, Cardinal Kevin Farrell, Cardinal Joseph Tobin and Ex-priest Leonardo Boff? With all due respect: Qualcosa non quadra.

    • Father George David Byers

      I’m just talking about ad hominem remarks about personality style made by commentators. That’s all. I’m still a believer. It’s too important to reduce to ad hominem rubbish. Anyway, good to hear from you.

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