A note to my shadow

I only have one way to communicate with my shadow*, namely, this way, though social media. I’ve been wanting to get in touch with him. I’ve been doing some wheeling and dealing and have come to some tentative conclusions  about those in the greater region here who may have received protection package encouragements, though they should know better than to do that kind of thing as they will get caught out. There is, as always, a work around with those who want to do things right. I’ve been meeting with some rather impressive people in these last few days. I think I’m on to something. But I need some help from my shadow.

As this wheeling and dealing is proceeding, lo and behold, I receive a donation from my shadow. It’s just enough to cover gasoline expenses to make a trip to have a chat with him. This is the second such donation, the first coming in just after I made the first such trip with him telling me that it was, indeed, to cover the expenses of the trip. I’ll take this as an invitation. Someone had overheard once that I wanted to make a deal with him, and that person thought that the word deal referred to something illegal. Quite the opposite. Such person has no idea about the deals I make. Donkeys like me just don’t care about consequences. You do the right thing and let the chips fall where they may.

Anyway, to my shadow: Stay tuned. I’ll put up an ETA in the coming weeks. Just don’t make me make the trip for nothing.

* Long time readers will remember this rather arcane reference to someone for whom I’ve learned to grow in respect.


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2 responses to “A note to my shadow

  1. Nan

    Travel safely.

  2. elizdelphi

    A memorare for you and again for your shadow.

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