Priesthood: 25 years of amazement


I’m still amazed at how Jesus, the High Priest, the only priest, works through us who have been ordained to be instruments of his priesthood. There have been so many times where it was so very obvious even to blind me that Jesus was happy to work through my priesthood that it seems I almost heard him say often enough: “Hey! Did you see that!” And that, of course, would leave me laughing. This would generally take place when the stakes of the irony were so great that the entire heavenly court just had to be looking on. To be Jesus’ priest is to be in a band of brothers because Jesus is the One, the only One.

Those are your 25 years Jesus. I’m sorry for the times I got in your way. I’m sorry for the times I’ve sinned, set a bad example, when I was afraid. Thank you for your patience. I’m happy to be available to you for your priestly service.

Jesus makes it so that I love to hear confessions, I love to offer Holy Mass, I love to preach, I love to be with him as he exercises his priesthood. I love to be in reverence before him by his grace. I love that absolutely none of that has anything whatsoever to do with me. It’s all his grace. That’s so clear. My one desire is to have the purity of heart and agility of soul to be available for him to take up residence with the Father and the Holy Spirit in my mind and heart and soul. It’s all about Jesus. Only Jesus. Jesus!


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18 responses to “Priesthood: 25 years of amazement

  1. Charlene

    Congratulations, Father George! I’m sure you have made our Lord proud!

  2. ClairefromMaine

    Sending you hugs and and prayers. 25 years anniversary of your ordination.

  3. Jennifer A. Aragon

    Thank you for sharing your priesthood with us online! :)

  4. sanfelipe007

    Here is to another 25 years of faithful service! Hip, hip, hooray!

  5. monicaharris58

    What a great post, Father Byers. I pray that your Joy is contagious!

  6. elizdelphi

    Happy anniversary! How very lovely!

  7. elizdelphi

    A bishop of Malta has denied rumors that he had threatened to suspend any priest who refused to administer Communion to Catholics who are divorced and remarried.

    According to a report that had circulated quickly over the internet, Bishop Mario Grech of Gozo had made the threat. Bishop Grech is one of the Maltese bishops who issued guidelines for the implementation of Amoris Laetitia, encouraging Catholics in irregular unions to receive Communion if they felt “at peace with God” after a process of discernment.

    However, the Gozo diocese has issued a statement that the rumor is “absolutely false,” and no such threat has been issued.

    • Father George David Byers

      The problem is that while the threat may not be explicitly made, as that would be absurd in the law, there is nevertheless a threat which is inescapably implied in the document addressed to priests, in paragraph 10, where the priest is coerced into no longer accompanying anyone, but just absolving impenitence and providing Communion when It is not able to be fruitfully received by the penitent. Of course, the priest can “disobey” but that can have devastating consequences. In the USA, this is usually done by simply unassigning a priest and no longer assigning him until he gives in or they put more pressure on and the priest is removed, quietly as the years go by.

  8. sanfelipe007

    Any priest, worth his salt, can be assured that “his” sheep will know him.

    (do not write “worth his salt” – what I have written…)

  9. elizdelphi

    oops, I was trying to put that under one of the “+ Scicluna” posts. One thing the article shows is that blogosphere concern is making an impression on the Maltese bishops, enough that this one felt like he needed to say something to defend himself.

    My diocese gained a couple of quite good priests a few years ago because the bishop of a different diocese wouldn’t defend them in situations where parishioners threw a fit for some stupid reason and there was an impasse of some sort about their pastoral ministry. It was a loss to that other diocese that was willing to release the priests to transfer (actually one was a Legionary of Christ that wanted to become a diocesan priest, the other was simply a diocesan priest) but a gain to ours. I believe that today those priests are both pastors of parishes with Catholic schools which as far as I can tell is a sign of our bishop’s esteem for them. But I can imagine in Malta priests who get into such a situation may be more vulnerable if there are just 2 dioceses.

  10. sanfelipe007

    Let me digress a bit.

    The Lord put in my path, a woman of such faith that she could be another Veronica, a coworker who quietly confesses to aiding so many seminarians by meals in her house and coins into their pockets, and more, once they are ordained; who is still unafraid to confront and correct, any priest who exhibits a taste for novelty over orthodoxy. Would that I were so brave and faithful. She is one of the sheep to whom I refer.

  11. Liz

    Thank you for your priesthood, for your love of your brother priests, and love of Holy Mother Church! God bless you!

  12. God bless you and your priesthood, Fr. George. May our Lord continue to greatly use You.

  13. monicaharris58

    “This would generally take place when the stakes of the irony were so great that the entire heavenly court just had to be looking on”–like the double entendre of ‘stakes’…

  14. God bless you now and forever as you journey on in His Love for you as His priest!

  15. Carmel

    Congratulations Fr George! May your next 25+ years of priesthood be equally as fruitful (one way or another) and joyful😊. You are still in my daily prayers, inextricably linked there with Fr Gordon and quite a number of other priests. May God continue to bless you

  16. Jane

    God bless you, Father. Thank you for being a priest!

  17. ct7west

    Congratulations, Fr. George. Your parish is blessed to have you as their pastor, and your family, friends, and all who you help in your ministry are truly blessed by you sharing your priesthood. Thanks, also, for being a true friend with Fr. Gordon and P.

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