Trump’s Immigration Executive Order: Open Season on the Undocumented


Trump signing Executive Order on Immigration

I’ll update this post as I get some reaction from the local undocumented people. There are many. //

Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration effectively declares open season on the undocumented. They cannot call the police if any of them are being assaulted, raped, murdered, are having their houses burned down, or whatever other violent crime. Nor can they report any crime. Not unless they themselves want to be deported for being undocumented. They don’t want to be deported. So, they won’t report it. So, it is an invitation, an encouragement, an open season for criminals, whether citizen-criminals or undocumented criminals, to do home invasions and commit whatever other crimes they want against the undocumented. The undocumented are now sitting ducks. People can commit crimes against them with impunity.

Here are just a few bits of concern in the Executive Order:

Sec. 2.  Policy.  It is the policy of the executive branch to:

(b)  detain individuals apprehended on suspicion [this tolerates and encourages profiling to the max, you know, brown skin, ability to speak Spanish and all that] of violating Federal or State law, including Federal immigration law, pending further proceedings regarding those violations [such as being undocumented];

(c)  expedite determinations of apprehended individuals’ claims of eligibility to remain in the United States [This takes about two seconds: Do you have papers? No.];

(d)  remove promptly those individuals whose legal claims to remain in the United States have been lawfully rejected, after any appropriate civil or criminal sanctions have been imposed [You have no papers; therefore you are guilty as charged]; and

(e)  cooperate fully with States and local law enforcement [This includes the Sheriff and Police Departments] in enacting Federal-State partnerships to enforce Federal immigration priorities, as well as State monitoring and detention programs that are consistent with Federal law and do not undermine Federal immigration priorities.

Sec. 6.  Detention for Illegal Entry.  The Secretary shall immediately take all appropriate actions to ensure the detention of aliens apprehended for violations of immigration law pending the outcome of their removal proceedings or their removal from the country to the extent permitted by law [in other words, this establishes hiring of bounty hunters].  The Secretary shall issue new policy guidance to all Department of Homeland Security personnel regarding the appropriate and consistent use of lawful detention authority under the INA, including the termination of the practice commonly known as “catch and release,” whereby aliens are routinely released in the United States shortly after their apprehension for violations of immigration law.

Sec. 10.  Federal-State Agreements.  It is the policy of the executive branch to empower State and local law enforcement agencies across the country to perform the functions of an immigration officer in the interior of the United States to the maximum extent permitted by law [This includes the Sheriff and Police Departments].

(a)  In furtherance of this policy, the Secretary shall immediately take appropriate action to engage with the Governors of the States, as well as local officials, for the purpose of preparing to enter into agreements under section 287(g) of the INA (8 U.S.C. 1357(g))  [Commissioners, mayors…].

(b)  To the extent permitted by law, and with the consent of State or local officials, as appropriate, the Secretary shall take appropriate action, through agreements under section 287(g) of the INA, or otherwise, to authorize State and local law enforcement officials, as the Secretary determines are qualified and appropriate, to perform the functions of immigration officers in relation to the investigation, apprehension, or detention of aliens in the United States under the direction and the supervision of the Secretary.  Such authorization shall be in addition to, rather than in place of, Federal performance of these duties.  [This includes the Sheriff and Police Departments].


Some repercussions:

  • Crimes against the undocumented will skyrocket
  • As crimes against the undocumented skyrocket, with no recourse to official Law Enforcement possible for the undocumented victims, vigilantism will arise among the undocumented, and criminals, whether citizens or undocumented, will simply be killed forthwith by undocumented vigilantes, having learned about violence from El Chapo, the American puppet
  • An outcry will arise, you know, my citizen son meth-head killed those undocumented people, going “deer-hunting” for them every night, but that’s no reason for my son to have been killed by those undocumented vigilantes
  • Then it will be a war between law enforcement and undocumented vigilantes, with undocumented hard-working, tax-paying families who are not vigilantes caught up in the middle of the violence


In case anyone thinks I’m just spouting off sensationalistic non-sense, I have to say that I did do some consultation with some LEOs high up the ladder in the greater Western North Carolina region, and what I’ve written above I believe to be consonant with their getting ready to enforce the Executive Order should it come to that. The only worry was getting personnel to carry it out, but that aspect is also covered in the Executive Order.

On a happier note, I spoke with other first responders, who said that they will provide, for instance, medical assistance with zero risk of anyone being turned over to authorities. Of course, if it is a scene of violence to which they are called, you have to know that the police will also be on the scene and, therefore, all the undocumented will be deported, perhaps after receiving some medical attention.

Just to say, there are violent undocumented gangs even around here. Just to say, I wouldn’t want to make them angry with myself.

Again, I recall a conversation I recently had with someone wanting to just get out a gun and start gunning down anyone with brown or black skin.

Involving local law enforcement is a big problem.


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17 responses to “Trump’s Immigration Executive Order: Open Season on the Undocumented

  1. The problem, and it has been a problem for centuries, is that the local police don’t have enough manpower to substantially change the status quo. The illegal crowd have been hiding from ICE and Johnny Sheriff for as long as there has been “the Man.” Unless the undocumented do something that brings attention to themselves, nothing will change. No one is going to dress up in dark-face and strap a M-4 on their backs and go “hunting.” It’s just not worth the effort or the danger.

    • Father George David Byers

      Read the Order. People will be supplied. It’s not a matter of cat and mouse, waiting for a traffic infraction. Profiling is encouraged. That’s a sea change.

  2. sanfelipe007

    I agree that this represents a sea change. But it was inevitable due to the phenomenon of Sanctuary cities, lax enforcement (if not ignoring) of immigration laws. In California, the “undocumented” are provided with documents, including drivers licenses. In Texas, my late sister found many undocumented people who were registered to vote while using the voter roles provided to her by the the people running a campaign in Houston to reelect Barbara Jordan. This was way back in the 70’s. I do not imagine that it has diminished. So, the undocumented are not as undocumented as advertised.

    Do not think that I am for any kind of totalitarian society, I, too can see how this EO can be utilized by those who do wish for this kind of abuse. And they will use it, for cover, base human nature being what it is. I choose to believe that such thugs are in the minority and will be caught out.

    While “rounding up” the illegal aliens (who happen to be of all shades, not just brown) by so crude a method as an inability to speak English, falls short of “rounding up” the Jews, I see it as a step in that direction – only a fool would deny it. But the violent crimes of illegal aliens who were caught and released, who then murdered citizens, would lead nowhere else.

    I fear a great chastisement from The Lord.

  3. Cathy

    Perhaps one of the greatest problems with both Mexico and immigration is the denial regarding Mexico and immigration. Most bishops simply speak of poor people who are good Catholics looking for economic opportunity. Who speaks of the wealthy who leave simply seeking protection from those who kidnap and hold relatives for ransom? Who speaks about a very inadequately armed civilian population? Who speaks about the stolen identity of US citizens with latino last names and the very legal problems such a situation creates for them? We’ve sent good paying jobs across the border and across our shores in order to become low paying jobs without benefits and have denied the very real cash crop that has created a world of problems both in Mexico and in our own USA.

  4. Liz

    This is so upsetting, Father. I’ve been pleasantly surprised that he mentioned the March for Life on ABC, and that v.p. Pence will speak at it, but this is worrisome. I guess we need to say more prayers, and do more penance.

  5. elizdelphi

    Cathy, the US armed people in Syria who they thought would bring about desired results, and created massive chaos and slaughter. Making guns more available in Mexico is all too likely to just make Mexico’s problems worse so it does not seem right to propose that for a neighbor country. For that matter the US was the main source of the drug cartels’ weaponry, WE ARMED THE BAD GUYS, both quite knowingly a la “fast and furious” and aided by the very lax US gun laws.

    • Father George David Byers

      @ elizdelphi – It’s even worse than that… I’ll have to write more on this…

  6. pelerin

    At last – a Catholic site which is pointing out the dark side of your new President. Since his election the ‘Doomsday Clock’ has advanced further towards midnight and we in Europe are quaking in our shoes.

    I understand Americans who voted for him because he was anti-abortion (or at least says he is but I fear that he was merely trying to get the Catholic vote)) but surely one must take in the whole picture and that does not look good. It will be interesting to read between the lines when our prime minister returns from meeting him.

  7. Nan

    Pelerin, look at the fact he married the mothers of his children. His two older children have eight kids between them. That seems pro life to me.

    I do have issues with the illegal aliens being here. The wealthy have the money to go through proper channels and there’s a presumption that the others have the right to be here, but they don’t. Any separation of families is due to the parents choices. The biggest problem is the misinterpreted Constitution, which gave rise to the idea of birthright citizenship, which is a fallacy.

    We are a nation of laws. If people aren’t required to follow immigration laws, why should anyone follow laws?

    • Father George David Byers

      @ Nan — All things being equal, right, Nan? You might want to check out whence some of them came. It’s not necessarily just economic reasons that they are here. Pretty much everyone knows someone who has been killed, tortured, kidnapped by the cartels, who instill fear for power in this way. There is no government or politicians or police or military or judicial system in Mexico that isn’t also by and large corrupt. It’s not like the United States. Or, perhaps I am mistaken about that.

  8. sanfelipe007

    “There is no government or politicians or police or military or judicial system in Mexico that isn’t also by and large corrupt. It’s not like the United States. Or, perhaps I am mistaken about that.”

    TL;DR version: Illegal immigration? It’s the root causes, raca!

    My personal experience confirms this. The difference between Mexico and the U.S.A is the corruption in Mexico is both rampant and OPEN, while in the U.S.A., corruption in hidden. This tells me that corruption in the U.S.A. has yet to achieve the tipping point of being so tolerated that it is openly practiced.

    If we want to stem the tide of illegal immigration, securing the border using a wall (with accompanying sentinels) is only a start. A start that leaves people fleeing for their lives in a desperate situation. I think a better way would be to address its root causes. Our President should partner with their President to address those root causes. I leave it to others to identify those causes.

    Now assuming (I know, I know) that our President (should he be so persuaded) is earnest about addressing the root causes of illegal immigration, what is he to do if corruption in the Mexican Presidency exists to the extent it presents an abatis to progress? Does he take the matter to the Mexican people? To what extent? As far as toppling the government? I wonder if any measure taken, in absence of Mexican authority, would not be seen as an affront to international law. I know my questions betray my ignorance on this subject, and I stand ready to be enlightened.

    • Father George David Byers

      @ sanfelipe007 – I think el Chapo is our creation to make sure chaos would inhibit their economy, supposedly helping us. The result of chaos is the chaos we see right now. Our policies did this. What do I know? Nothing that I can prove. That’s how it’s done. We even manufacture guns with no serial numbers.

  9. sanfelipe007

    I tend to think you are right about it. Fast and furious was also about creating chaos – in that instant, to provide an excuse to further erode the right to bear arms.

  10. sanfelipe007

    instance, not instant. I wish I could blame “auto-correct.”

  11. elizdelphi

    Father, that is quite a suggestion. I want to think that that is unthinkable that we created El Chapo on purpose, but I would have thought that some other similar foolish and evil things the US has clearly done would be unthinkably monstrous. Even people in government who think they believe in God have no wisdom and act as though the intended ends justify the means. I can only hope that Trump and Teresa May apparently saying together that they are putting an end to the era of doing interventions around the world except for legitimate security actually means that they are going to stop these kinds of ends-justify-the-means actions and creation of chaos that have caused such immense suffering and destruction.

    • Father George David Byers

      Trump has a different way of doing the same thing. The other couldn’t work any longer. But, we will have benefits to the end of el Chapo. His markets in Chicago will no longer be there, etc.

  12. elizdelphi

    Believe me, I am confident Trump is also Machiavellian.

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