Should I sit at this desk again…

Pontifical Family humorFor some strange reason, I have been reminded by a close friend of the existence of the Most Reverend Georg Gänswein, and this, mind you, as an Ambassador friend of a mutual friend will surely be meeting up with him at least for a moment I should think.

Should I myself ever sit at this desk again, though indeed just for a laugh, I might in those future days have the opportunity to say something or pass something directly along to our Most Holy Father. As it is, at some point, unless someone from the Causes for Saints comes to visit this parish in the backsides of the back ridges of remote Appalachia, I must of necessity go to Rome to offer testimony for a particular case.

If you had the chance to put something before the Holy Father, what would that be? Would you assure him of your prayers? Ask his prayers for loved ones? Encourage him to be strong in the faith, close to Jesus, a good son of the Church? Would you reprimand him for whatever you think you really know must be the story? Or would you be speechless? Would you promise to do something about causes close to his heart, because asking for his facilitation in that area, at least with a blessing? What would you put before the Holy Father if you had the chance?


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10 responses to “Should I sit at this desk again…

  1. sanfelipe007

    I would say, “Holy Father! The Fifth Marian Dogma; what are you waiting for?”

  2. Hello, Father, I think I would assure the Holy Father of our prayers (and ask for his) but I would also like him to know that his flock craves clarity on many issues that seem to have become confusing during his Pontificate. The Four Cardinals spoke for us and I would like him to know that.

    Can you tell us anything about the testimony you may need to give? Is there a possible saint in the making?

    God bless and thanks!

  3. Josephine

    To proclaim the 5th (?) Marian Dogma “Mary Co-Redemptrix, Medatrix and Advocate”

  4. I would probably be so moved I would weep. I hope if I were ever to meet the pope I would have the presence of mind to ask for his blessing.

  5. Father George David Byers

    @ sanfelipe007 and Josephine – Yes. I think this is it. And this would be the way, I think, to what danhorse2013 would like to see. Yes.

  6. Father George David Byers

    @ joisygoil – This is, in fact, true, in that the Holy Father in this office of unity, has a myriad of angels surrounding him, smacking him down and also encouraging him. A soul gets a sense of this. I am reminded of the bishops who would visit the Holy Office claiming that they were going to severely reprimand Cardinal Ratzinger only to become like little children before him. It wasn’t just his intellect or his supremely gentlemanly manner, but, as I say, the myriad of angels at work… Good for you.

  7. Father George David Byers

    @ danhorse2013 – The postulator for the cause of the Venerable Mother Marie Adele Garnier, OSB, foundress of the “Tyburns” ( ) informed me that I would be summoned by a judge to provide testimony. That could be tomorrow. That could be a year from now, or more.

  8. Stephen.Round.

    Keep up the good work.Do not gave in to the Fanatics.Fire the Dubia brothers.Amoris is a work of Genius all praise Francis.

    • Father George David Byers

      Band of brothers. Brothers in blood. Brothers of Jesus. Brothers of Pope Francis. 😇

  9. Nan

    Stephen.Round, agree or disagree, the Cardinals who signed the Dubia did so for the Church because they know that many faithful are confused.

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