Charlie Johnston non-prophet


A few points about what I know or don’t about Charlie Johnston:

  • I don’t know Charlie. So, what do I know?
  • I’ve never followed him. So, what do I know?
  • The one time a very nice person had me look at his website caused me to think that Charlie, apparently, has grave misconceptions about the faith, about apparitions (his own or others which are not approved), about hierarchical structure and authority in the Church. I can’t remember any of it as I didn’t want to remember it. That was a couple of years ago and all of that only took about 20 seconds. In other words, it seems that his writings at least at that time were apparently rife with imprecision. Maybe he did retractions as he went along. So, what do I know?
  • Apparently, he has stepped back from the public square as apparently his prophesies didn’t come true apparently according to his own admission, apparently leaving him flabbergasted. And, if he doesn’t know what’s going on, what do I know?
  • Apparently he has said that he will “come back” if there is an apparent societal meltdown, to which I would ask if people are then more vulnerable to taking in what he has to say even though he has apparently admitted his life project about prophesy was a failure. But, hey, what do I know?

A few other points of my own that I do know:

  • We have Jesus, the Way, the Truth, the Life.
  • We have the Sacraments and the indwelling of the Most Holy Trinity they bring.
  • We have the Sacred Scriptures inspired by the Holy Spirit, real prophesy.
  • We have Sacred Tradition, the working of the Holy Spirit upon us individually and as a whole.
  • We have the great Magisterial interventions in the ecumenical councils and the ex-Cathedra statements about Revelation, as well as the infallible ordinary Magisterium throughout the millennia.
  • We have the angels, the saints, also, inasmuch as we are with the Lord, each other.


  • If anyone seeks a feeling of security in non-prophets, they are on the wrong path. The emphasis must be on Jesus, who IS WITH US. After all, that is His name: God-with-us, namely, Emmanuel.
  • Our own little apocalypse is happening all the time, and we will know that when we go to meet with the Lord Jesus.


  • Whatever with all that…
  • Go to Confession whether you like it or not (regardless of the priest)
  • Go to Mass (ignore liturgical abuses: be close to Jesus in solidarity with Jesus)
  • Pray for the salvation of souls, particularly the Rosary, do some almsgiving, do some fasting or other kind of mortification.
  • If, after all that you still would like to take advantage for the benefit of your soul of an apparition, check out Guadalupe, Lourdes, and, this year, especially Fatima.

P.S. Say a prayer for Charlie. As Saint Paul says, we’re not against each other, but against the fallen spirits. We have been redeemed by Jesus and we need to be saved by Him. We must support each other by praying for each other.

// After writing the above, I saw this article at the National Catholic Register. In that article, there is this:

To those who took the statement [of the Archdiocese of Denver] as an instruction to “turn off the lights,” Johnston responded, “I am enjoying letting the sourpusses expose themselves for lacking the most basic knowledge of ‘Churchspeak.’”

That sums up why I just can’t stand this kind of thing.


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2 responses to “Charlie Johnston non-prophet

  1. sanfelipe007

    You and I both, Father. Let me Take a left turn, of a sort, to say that Pilgrimages are great and important things. The Holy Father acknowledges the benefits of undertaking them. I personally know good people who went on pilgrimages to Medjugorje.

    But I confess to having felt a sadness for them when they informed me that “This was the most spiritual thing I have ever done (or felt)!” I wanted to shake them and ask “What about the Eucharist? What about Adoration?”

  2. Nan

    I wouldn’t have gone to medjugorje on a bet! And that was living in the area and not going to church. I thought it was too strange.

    But I don’t pay close attention to what anyone says but my spiritual director or the priest at Mass.

    Isn’t the rule that if your bishop tells you to shut up, you shut up? I didn’t read the linked article but thought he’d been silenced?

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