North Carolina Catholics challenge POTUS on free exercise of religion


February 4, 2017 — Religious freedom in America has suffered years of unprecedented erosion. The Executive Branch of the federal government can correct some of these issues. The President can restore the federal government’s respect for the religious freedom of individuals and organizations by signing an Executive Order that establishes a government-wide initiative to respect religious freedom. Elements of such an Order should include:

  • Relief from the mandate of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that forces the Little Sisters of the Poor and others to facilitate the provision of contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs and devices in their health plans.
  • Preservation of tax-exempt status for nonprofits that hold beliefs based on marriage, human sexuality, and the protection of human life at all stages.
  • The ability of religious organizations that partner with the federal government to act according to their beliefs regarding marriage, human sexuality, and the protection of human life at all stages.
  • A broad religious exemption to Executive Order 13672 so that faith-based organizations can continue to partner with the federal government to provide much-needed services here at home and abroad.
  • The ability of religiously affiliated child welfare providers to provide adoption, foster, or family support services for children in accordance with their religious beliefs.
  • Protection of accreditation for religious schools based on their beliefs.
  • Conscience protections regarding abortion in the individual health insurance market.
  • Any Executive Order should make it clear that religious freedom entails more than the freedom to worship but also includes the ability to act on one’s beliefs. It should also protect individuals and families who run closely-held businesses in accordance with their faith to the greatest extent possible.

Yours in Christ, The Most Reverend Peter J. Jugis – Bishop of Charlotte

The Reverend Monsignor Michael Shugrue – Administrator, Diocese of Raleigh


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4 responses to “North Carolina Catholics challenge POTUS on free exercise of religion

  1. sanfelipe007

    Yes, it is about time to undo the damage done to religious freedom by the previous admin.

  2. Do you think Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities partnerships Federal government influences what they do and say, and might that be a reason for the governments partnership; to buy influence ?

    • Father George David Byers

      There will certainly be changes with new POTUS. USCCB will have to admit it. NC is already pretty good.

  3. elizdelphi

    I still have my “Stand Up For Religious Freedom”/”Stop Obama’s HHS Mandate” rally signs in my two apartment windows from years ago when we were organizing religious freedom rallies. I would love for there to be a day when I can take them down.

    I also really, really, really want contraceptive coverage removed again from my medicare. Of course I do not use that and there is zero chance I would want to. But that was another thing Obama added in. I used to be able to opt out of. In the past the state had a separate contraceptive insurance that I was able to opt out of (and did). With the new Obamacare rules that was no more, there was no opting out.

    I am surprised that the mandated provision of contraceptives and birth control counseling to minor children on their parents’ health plans without any parental permission or notification is not mentioned by this bishop or others anymore. This is one of the most heinous aspects of the mandates, in keeping with the Planned Parenthood mentality of facilitating and covering up statutory rape. Those who want to create social chaos by destroying marriage, religion, stable mental health, etc and thereby exacerbate social inequities so there can be an aggrieved victim class can do a lot for that cause by destroying virginity. This tends to create “progressives.”

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