Flores for the Immaculate Conception (all alone volunteer edition)

img_20170206_110336This beauty is all alone in the Rectory yard, what my neighbor in Transylvania county calls a “volunteer,” meaning that it just comes up, all alone, who knows how, not having been purposely planted there but certainly welcome for whatever it would like to contribute to our situation in this otherwise darker world of ours.

We might feel that we are sometimes planted by our Lord in such a mysterious way that there otherwise seems to be no rhyme or reason to it, that we are alone, that there is no one else in the world who understands us, that we are somehow volunteering for who knows what reason as it seems no one quite cares if we were here in the first place and would be just as happy or happier if we weren’t where we seemingly just happen to be.

And then Jesus picks us, as it were, so as to give us to His, to our blessed Mother. And then all of a sudden everything makes sense, and we belong, and are not alone, and we always did belong, and we never were alone. And we are all the more appreciated now for having made it faithfully through the circumstances we were in. And as we are lifted up, we look around and see so many other flowers all around us. They were there all the time, giving us support that we took for granted, what with, because of there proximity, an abundance of honey bees and dragonflies and all such creatures so useful to all flowers. And then we realize how silly we were, hearing a bit of murmuring among the other flowers: “How come that flower gets to be singled out, unlike us who are just in the herd of other flowers?” And on and on it goes until we reach, please God, heaven. But, really, Jesus and Mary are already with us now. All things happen best in God’s time. We need but be simply faithful in whatever circumstances we are in, trusting that our Lord knows best. He does it for His good mom.

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  1. MOnica Harris

    Thanks, Fr Byers. Good Flores, and much needed today.

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