Just some notes…

  • It’s now going into the second week that the dealership for the vehicle with the broken seat-belt hasn’t been able to obtain a seat-belt from corporate for the one which broke. I’m enjoying the basically new car of 2017 (just 4,000 some miles on it), which is quite the upgrade from what I was driving, as a temporary loan.
  • I’m amazed with my Shadow. I see he has three different operating platforms on one computer, even Linux. He insists his deep cuts are instead burns from a 2000 Buick Regal manifold received while attempting to fill up the steering fluid reservoir in back of the engine. My question, if that were actually the case, would be: why not wait for the engine to cool down?
  • This past Sunday, a spitting image of an ultra-leftist not-really-quite-an-“MSM”-journalist who is also a guy at the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies showed up in the back pew of this, the tiniest parish in North America. There have been lots of articles written recently about parishes in these back-sides of the beyonds ridges of the national forests, as I guess we’re all soft targets and all. I doubt if he’ll rant away about us though, condemning my repetitions that Jesus is good and kind. He didn’t have the courage to stay an extra few seconds after Mass, but bolted just before the recessional. That speaks volumes.
  • A couple in our parish are upgrading their surveillance system in their home away from home. That DVR system auto-saves to disk and live-feeds to the internet from the cloud from eight infrared color HD cameras. They gave me the older version. I’m thankful, as I’ve already had a home invasion wrought by one of the local ragamuffins (except that I was home and he ran away before actually entering). Some of the local druggies are getting a bit nervous with my snapping pictures of their licence tags while they do their exchanges. I don’t like that they use the church parking lot and let them know about it. I’m thinking of giving the internet password to access the cameras to friends in the various branches of local law enforcement and to friends among the first responders.
  • Anyway, enough is never enough for situational awareness, right? ;¬) So, next to consider is an appropriate dual dash-cam for the vehicle. I’m not at all convinced at the worth of most of them. The most recent GoPro with its replaceable batteries looks pretty cool, though it’s not at all made to be a dash-cam, and though I haven’t much researched the user-friendliness of the software. I wish they had a version that would plug into a USB for power while in use. I wonder if I could also use it for homilies! Extreme Sport homilies!


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5 responses to “Just some notes…

  1. elizdelphi

    For some reason I found the item about the journalist really funny!

    My parish also has tons of internet connected cameras. they put up lots indoors a few years ago as part of security for the perpetual adoration chapel but now there is a real phalanx of cameras outside, a huge row of cameras on the building pointing at the parking lot. I truly don’t like all the cameras (and the ones outside are unsightly I think) but i admit they have their purpose.

  2. Nan

    Maybe someone in law enforcement is making sure you have a safer ride?

    You’re not supposed to apply logic to people’s excuses! My brother put Linux and Microsoft on our sisters computer. She wasn’t pleased because it was older and that used memory she expected to use for other things.

    Maybe the journalist wanted to interview you but your homily scared him?

    Good that your parishioners are looking out for you. Cameras may deter the ragamuffins.

    Dash cam to deter bad actors or record your death defying feats? Good either way.

  3. Father George David Byers

    @ Nan – You might remember the time when “someone” paid for my parking ticket in Washington, D.C. But that was a mere $250.00 and a sign of good will. I much appreciated that. But I’m sure this is just a bookkeeping error. When I called Monday it was a bit weird in that they didn’t know how to field the call… They finally passed me over to the parts guy who had no idea at all what was going on… I bet they then ordered the part, a week late, and that it got here late today, and they will in fact give me a call tomorrow. We’ll see.

    If my homily about Jesus being good and kind and kind and good and good and kind scared him… well… Yikes!

    If it’s a GoPro I get I could possibly use it to record death defying homilies. Extreme sport homilies.

  4. Nan

    Not everybody understands goodness and kindness. Some of us are suspicious of it.

    Only you would make homilies into an extreme sport!

  5. Father George David Byers

    Suspicious if goodness and kindness are not founded on justice and truth.

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