The hypocrisy of the still pro-SNAP priests and bishops from here to Rome


You can read those stories at Dave F. Pierre’s site: But, if you really want to get an insider’s view, that is, from one of the victims of their mentality, see Father Gordon J. MacRae’s article on this. He is still in prison decades later. See:

David Clohessy [and Barbara Blaine] resigns SNAP in Alleged Kickback Scheme


I’ve been reporting on this for years, making enemies for myself throughout the Church including in the Holy See, garnering lots of vengeance for myself from those who support SNAP among priests and the episcopacy. I was pretty much alone as a priest in good standing (=vulnerable) reporting on this. Fr Z has mentioned it a couple of times. I hope he does again. A couple other priests have done a bit. They get smacked down and you never hear from them again. Nothing other than that. Period. Pretty much zilch. In the entire Church universal…

One of the most important articles in all these years is Father MacRae’s published today. See that link above.

I am aghast. If any bishop is so self-referentially stuck on himself that he still supports SNAP even after this, making himself a hero because he’s “tough on abuse”, but perhaps also taking kickbacks from their risk retention groups, really, I mean, my goodness… and then I can’t write more because what I would write would be bitterness. I am weak. But this most damnable hypocrisy of so very many of the (Cardinal) (Arch-)bishops needs to stop. It needs to stop now. They must close down The National Catholic Risk Retention Group. They must rescind their support for SNAP. They must do it publicly. They must do it forcefully.

I’d like to write up a RICO challenge to the Bishops. What they do against their priests, making themselves heroes at the price of the loss of innocent priests who are not allowed due process is the kind of thing that is referenced many times in RICO law. Sorry, but I’d like to see all their sorry faces in prison. But that’s nothing.

Jesus, the High Priest, doesn’t take kindly to His own priests being mistreated by bishops. He remembers what it was like when His own apostle betrayed Him, Judas. The Immaculate Conception’s Divine Son, Jesus, will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. They won’t be heroes then. Amen.

As you can tell, although I wish David and Barbara would convert, I don’t much care about them compared to the souls of the priests and bishops who don’t want David and Barbara to convert. It’s them I want especially to convert. We need their help in praying for the souls of David and Barbara.

So many priests committed suicide. It’s the innocent ones who did. They just couldn’t believe the betrayal, the hypocrisy. They weren’t prepared for it…


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6 responses to “The hypocrisy of the still pro-SNAP priests and bishops from here to Rome

  1. I have a good childhood friend who was a local SNAP official whose brother committed suicide after learning he had AID’s from drug usage. It was said that Jack(not his real name) was depressed because of an encounter with a priest in the ’70’s, a priest who we all knew and mostly respected. My friend, who died last summer at 64, carried to his grave an anger and grievous hatred towards the Catholic Church which infected most of his siblings who also have left the church. The family was large and involved in the local parish to a great degree, but this “incident” tore this family and the parish asunder. I blame the militancy of SNAP for causing these issues and the Catholic Church for not trying to find a way to reverse this militancy. The local diocese decided to fight and then pay out huge sums of money, covered psychiatric care and even purchasing a new truck for a patient. I’ve had it with these groups and totally agree with your summation of their worthlessness.

    • Father George David Byers

      May the Lord have mercy on victims and innocent priest victims who suicide. So very sad. Jesus, Mercy….

  2. “Took Lawyer kickbacks and exploited victims” but they don’t say that the victims are the priests falsely accused.

  3. SognPlaci

    SNAP has cultivated hatred and greed and now they have become a victim of their own greed.

  4. Let’s not forget about getting Virtus out of our parishes as well. In my diocese, anyone who volunteers for anything is required to attend that. I would like to think that our new bishop is more sensible, but that would make him a rarity in today’s episcopacy.

  5. I am so glad the truth is finally beginning to come to light. I guess I am just too street smart because when I first heard about ‘settlements’ being made I just knew they were asking for trouble.

    I knew a priest who committed suicide after being accused. I didn’t believe he was guilty then and I still don’t.

    Somehow, I suspect Jesus will show these frightened and desperate priests mercy because He understands firsthand their fear and shame. Because as you recall Jesus carried all our sins to the cross, and He was ministered to by angels in the Garden! If the Son of God needed encouragement then surely He will judge His brothers with great compassion. The false accusers however….

    This whole episode in the history of our church is a great tragedy. We need to pray for all the victims – that isn’t easy if you consider who all the victims are but don’t overlook this is all the work of the devil and he sure gave it his best try. ( and pray God it is over ) But remember Jesus said, ‘the gates of hell shall not prevail against My Church”.

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