ICE deports undocumented working tax-payer contributing mother / wife to spread fear among undocumented


Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, her crime being that she is without proper papers, but having been here for decades, having raised a family (two now teen-aged children with a husband), who worked, paid taxes, stayed within the rules of checking in with ICE every six months, being totally within the present system of becoming documented, a productive, peaceful, contributing member of American society, was arrested when she followed the rules of checking in with ICE, and, without letting her even say goodbye to her family, was immediately deported, going to who knows where in Mexico, leaving her family with an uncertain future.

ICE said that they would “continue to focus on identifying and removing individuals with felony convictions who have final orders of removal issued by the nation’s immigration courts.” But, obviously, she was purposely chosen, precisely because she is totally innocuous, to be an example of what is now happening, again, not because of the refugee Executive Order, but because of the mostly southern border Executive Order, two different things altogether.

People are all a flurry about the refugee Executive Order, not mentioning that effectively the Obama Administration basically barred Christians from being refugees. That ban effects relatively speaking a tiny percentage of people. Meanwhile, the immigration Executive Order could effect tens of millions, who, mind you, are almost all Catholic.

Anyway, a Mexican priest friend, now an American citizen, told me that he is telling his Mexican countrymen to pack up and go back to Mexico. Perhaps they will have just enough time to sell their homes and immovables so that they don’t lose absolutely everything. He said that it’s still possible simply to load up a huge trailer and go across the border to Mexico. This is the way to avoid one’s family being split up. Think of the nightmare. Are they undocumented? Yes. But they work within the system at the invitation of the system, right? You just can’t say: “I heard that el Chapo is mean, so therefore the Mexicans are all like him.” Goodness. These are your neighbors!

One of our law enforcement officers with 25 years experience as a LEO, and a member of the parish here in Western North Carolina, told me a few days ago that if this Executive Order on immigration is actually enforced, he fears major disruptions in these United States.

Remember, it’s no longer the Priorities act (catch and release). Everything goes back to (1) the Secure Communities act under which Obama deported some three million Mexicans. Add to this (2) unlimited profiling and (3) the use of local law enforcement as directed by the Executive Order and you have a recipe for mayhem.

Some background on the Executive Order on Immigration:


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12 responses to “ICE deports undocumented working tax-payer contributing mother / wife to spread fear among undocumented

  1. luis3845

    Think about a situation like this. You can’t just wake up one morning and tell your kids, “Start packing up, we’re moving out. We’re going to a a place that I and your mother don’t even recognize any more, 2000 miles away. We left this place almost 20 years ago; we will be strangers in our own home town.” We will not have a job, our kids will not adapt very easy to a completely different school system, not to mention, finding new friends will be very hard if not impossible because, they more likely will be bullied for speaking another language, not sharing the same culture… Many times we will come to a crime invaded town, where thieves will try to take the money you bring with you, money you made from selling the stuff you couldn’t bring with you from the United States. Protection from the authorities? Forget it! After all, we’re strangers still, in a place we once called home.
    Is definitely not a thought I want to put on my mind. Not a thought I want to transfer to my kids. But sooner or later, it will become a reality that millions of families will have to face. The Spanish news began advising undocumented families to have an emergency plan in place: carry important documents with you at all times, have a person that legally can pick up your kids from the school or daycare, in case the parents get send back home, just like Mrs. Garcia de Rayos did. I watched her kids crying on television last night, not knowing what is going to happen now. At least, they still have their dad with them.
    When you have been in this country for almost 20 years, have kids that were born here, stayed out of trouble, contributed with thousands of dollars in taxes (taxes that in most cases you cannot claim back, if you don’t have a valid SSN or ITIN), love this country to death. It comes to a point, where all you can do is hope and pray to God to get some human sense on people in charge of this life changing desitions. OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE, PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY!

  2. Is it too late to dedicate Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart as she asked 100 years ago? She said if we do, there would be peace.

  3. pelerin

    This is so so tragic – and yet I understand that many Catholics (including Priests) supported your new president and were pleased at his election. He already seems to be causing so much heartache and people in Britain are baffled as to how he could have been chosen.

    • Father George David Byers

      @ habalady – I know. Amazing that I, a victim of identity theft, would be so forgiving, with impact on my life being huge and dangerous. This is so part of a way of life in Mexico that people regularly pay others to do their time in jail. Etc. Make her pay for the impact? Sure. But if she was away from that for so long…..maybe because I have made a life of living with crime and criminals…. I guess I don’t see her as a violent person. I’m maybe too familiar with all this.

  4. Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos committed a felony. It was a non-violent felony so she could still have applied for citizenship. She has been in this country since she was 14 years old but was still not a US citizen; she is 36 years old and she knew that deportation was a possibility. Why does this become the governments fault?

    Where should the line be drawn? Identity theft (as you know) can cause others a lot of pain. When the law applies to all, which it should, then things like this are bound to happen. This isn’t Pres. Trump’s fault but the fault of no one previously wanting to enforce the laws. ICE continually gave her a pass when they should not have, and now that they are actually allowed to do their job, Guadalupe is presented as the victim in all this. Yes, it’s awful for her family, but she made certain decisions that contributed to the pain they are experiencing now.

    Why are we pushing so hard for people to start their lives here illegally anyway? Legality allows a person to participate fully in life within this great country with dignity. As an American I want the people who come here to WANT to fully participate in the life America has to offer. Legal citizenship is not a lack of mercy but an invitation to become a part of something.

    • Father George David Byers

      I agree. I guess that’s what I’m saying. Good for you. I wish the process wasn’t so impossible.

      Possible motive for complexity / impossibility of becoming documented is that we get more out of them when they are undocumented. That’s also a misnomer. They have plenty of documents with ICE, with IRS, etc.

  5. elizdelphi

    If one of these folks stole my identity for work purposes as this lady and many others have done, that seems like it would be a major problem for me that would require getting untangled since I get social security disability on the basis of being unable to work. I presume someone who was in employment on my social security number would get noticed, so it may not go smoothly for them either. I don’t have a Hispanic name so that is less likely. Of course I do not consider this lady’s offenses to be extremely grave ones. On the other hand I do not believe it is too much to ask undocumented people to think carefully about how to handle their situation in the most ethical way, and that may mean sticking to informal/under the table/cash employment. This is a disadvantageous limitation for them but I would want to challenge people who indeed I welcome to be in our country that if they choose to come here then they should go to lengths to avoid dishonesty or fraud. Informal employment is also against US law but it is not in itself immoral which identity theft is. Basically, I believe undocumented immigrants are called to be holy just like anyone else. On the other hand, deporting this lady is an extreme measure for the nature of the offense and this is a very sad and concerning case.

  6. sanfelipe007

    One of many forces at work, in the implementation of emigration law, is the idea of “the best way to get rid of a stupid law, is to enforce it mercilessly.” I am not saying that this is the case, in this particular instance, just throwing it out there for those who may not have come across that sentiment.

    My older brother fell in love with a woman and asked her to marry him. This delighted my father, but upon discovering that my brother’s bride to be, was in fact, an undocumented worker, my father insisted that she, along with her extended family, immediately move back to their country of origin, in order to enter this country legally. Wow, what a tumult, he caused. Fortunately, The Lord gifted my father with the wisdom of Solomon. With seamingly infinite patience, he convinced everyone involved, to do as he advised. His plan delayed the marriage for (what seemed) an eternity, with much lamentation and gnashing of teeth; I speak truly!

    Anyway, My (now) sister-in-law is a citizen, her mother and her siblings legally reside in the U.S.A. To top it all off, they are ardent supporters of legal immigration. This, my friends, is the just way to do things.

    If Holy Mother Church requires, in all justice, very certain things (such as contrition, firm intention to amend one’s life, etc.) as a requirement for full participation in the life of the Church Militant, can she not see fit to agree and affirm the same of Nations and their just requirements for licit admittance? Or should the Church ally with those who would install footnote ,similar to a certain footnote in AL, into immigration policy (if not the law) that works against justice?

  7. Liz

    sanfelipe007, your father sounds amazing!

    I’m the mother of four little (okay one isn’t so little!) legal immigrants through international adoption. The legal process is terribly hard. Perhaps that’s where President Trump should start in reforming that. On the other hand, maybe he is trying and the courts won’t allow him to do so. I don’t really know. It’s a very difficult situation, but I think that the chaos in our country and world is pitting everyone against one another. We need to pray and pray and pray!

  8. sanfelipe007

    Amen, Liz! I am always ready to pray and pray and pray some more.

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