Extreme Grunge Caving in Lourdes with the Immaculate Conception. Yikes!

A grunge caving video I made when a permanent chaplain in the caves of Lourdes. Yikes! Don’t do this when you go to Lourdes, lest you die. Seriously. You’ll be arrested. It’s just that I was an official permanent chaplain. Know that the spikes are sharp! However, my extreme sport talents came back to me, and I made it in and out alive, many times actually. The caves were a bit of a refuge for me. The music was a one-off performance for the 150th anniversary. The Russian chant was a group delegated by Moscow for the occasion.


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7 responses to “Extreme Grunge Caving in Lourdes with the Immaculate Conception. Yikes!

  1. elizdelphi

    “Let us rejoice, Beloved,
    And let us go forth to behold ourselves i Your beauty,
    To the mountain and to the hill,
    To where the pure water flows,
    And further, deep into the thicket.

    “And then we shall go on
    To the high caverns in the rock
    Which are so well concealed;
    There we shall enter
    And taste the fresh juice of the pomegranates.

    “There You will show me
    What my soul has been seeking,
    And then You will give me,
    You, my Life, will give me there
    What You gave me on that other day;

    “The breathing of the air,
    The song of the sweet nightingale,
    The grove and its living beauty
    In the serene night,
    With a flame that is consuming and painless.

    “No one looked at her,
    Nor did Aminadab appear;
    The siege was still;
    And the cavalry,
    At the sight of the waters, descended.”

    –last 5 stanzas of The Spiritual Canticle, St John of the Cross.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Wow, what great statues. Thank you for taking us with you, Father!
    Iy just occurred to me that you could have expended this bandwidth to bring us one of your sermons. Instead you honor Our Lady. That is humility.

  3. Monica Harris

    Are there masses at those little altars in the caves?

  4. pelerin

    I wonder if it was instability which caused the Grotte du Loup to close. I had presumed it was the lack of visitors as when I visited some years back when it was still open, I was the only visitor at that particular time so had what amounted to a private guided visit in these caves. They were only a few mintues walk up behind the Basilica – it was not as if they were remote.

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