Laudie-dog, famous among United States State Department dipolomats


A retired State Department diplomat has sent in a Valentine, but not for me; it’s for Laudie-dog. As we know, however, dogs can very much reflect the moods of their masters. So…. ;-) At any rate, I must come up with a video of Laudie-dog dancing, because….

I might add here that our famous diplomat got the street address of yours truly wrong. Apparently, that doesn’t matter. It was delivered to me straightaway since everyone knows and loves Laudie-dog.

I recall a similar incident with mail delivery in Washington D.C. Someone wrote a letter to the most obnoxious major network news anchor (back in the day, when you could distinguish), just putting on the envelope:

To: !@#$%^&*()_ @#$%^&*() @#$%^&*(O); Washington, D.C.

It arrived to him straightaway. ;-)

Here’s the deal: the Lord God made the animals to assist us. I don’t think it’s the case that dogs merely imitate us. I think they lead us along to praise God. Kind of the other way around. That’s why I call Laudie “Laudie.” Laud in Latin means praise. She gives praise to God by just being a dog in all her dogness. But we have original sin. But we also have grace. And a good natured Laudie-dog can help us all praise God. Praise God.

Update: A gracious reader sent this in…


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6 responses to “Laudie-dog, famous among United States State Department dipolomats

  1. elizdelphi

    I put a box of chocolates outside the Adoration Chapel every Valentine’s Day (aka Feast of Sts Cyril and Methodius) with a sign saying Jesus loves you! and please have one candy (so the other people whom Jesus loves can have some too) and not to eat in the chapel itself. It makes me think “omne delectamentum in se habentem.”

    My African grey parrot gives praise to God by being a bird, also he often descends on my head like a dove, that is where he is right now. He likes it there because my head is warm. It makes me think “the Holy Spirit over the bent world broods, with warm breast and with ah! bright wings.”

  2. elizdelphi

    Actually Hopkins probably said Holy Ghost.

  3. Charlene

    Praise God for you and Laudie-Dog!

  4. sanfelipe007

    Fantastic video!

  5. Monica Harris

    Does Laudie-dog do the waltzing Matilda too?

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