Update: The arrest: dozens of counts


Example of resisting arrest.

Got him! Ha ha! Dozens of counts. This is not to rejoice in the downfall of another human being, but to breathe a sign of relief that an alleged most violent enemy of a close friend of mine is now out of the way of causing alleged harm.

I imagine these dozens of counts will be used in a plea deal for a downgraded charge regarding an alleged most violent crime for which he is not yet indicted. But the years he may serve in prison would be a welcome reprieve for this close friend of mine. Great!

O.K. Time to move on to the extradition. I would volunteer to be deputized to do the transfer. No charge, not even for expenses. It would take me only four days. 1 1/2 to get there. 1 to do paperwork. 1 1/2 to drive him to his holding cell. No stopping on the way. I would spend the time getting a secular confession and convincing him to plead guilty. Of course, as a priest, I would also try to get him to be contrite before his Maker, and, if he’s a Catholic, after all the other recorded confessions made with no coercion, I would hear his sacramental confession if I could convince him to do that. But, no chance of all that as I’m too close to the case. I wonder if he’ll be able to keep himself alive until trial. I doubt if he’ll get bail as he’s the riskiest of all flight risks with properties around the world and extreme know-how.

got-himHe’s known by the prisoners where he’s headed if convicted. I can’t imagine he wouldn’t be killed within minutes of being in contact with any other prisoner whatsoever at any given time for years to come. They will be waiting for him constantly. The prison will be electrified until he’s dead. There are always opportunities for murder: hospital visits, etc. Some lifers don’t care if they murder someone right in front of God and everybody. This is a score that they are well prepared to fulfill. The cheering will be deafening when he’s bleeding out. Sorry to be so graphic, but this is the world in which we live.

I’m stunned at this arrest, as is my close friend. It’s like… Wow… !!! … Just… Wow… !!! …



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2 responses to “Update: The arrest: dozens of counts

  1. elizdelphi

    May he repent! I suspect we can guess which of your friends this is probably the enemy of. I am glad for him!

  2. Sounds like the world will be a safer place without this individual on the prowl. As for his personal safety in prison, that is part of the price one pays when breaking the rules with such violence. Our Lord said, “Live by the sword – die by the sword.”

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