An Ent Lent’s pareidolia


On Shrove Tuesday Eve, there was party thrown by some friends celebrating some recent events in my life, which happened to happen all at once. It was a victory celebration in many ways.

This massively huge “tree” was just outside the window. I think it’s an Ent, you know, of Lord of the Rings fame, those gigantic creatures which ever so kindly carried our heroes into the battle of battles.

Hey! Why not personify the cross into being a friend, a best friend, who will carry you right into the battle of battles next to the King of kings, the Lord of lords, Wonder Counselor, Prince of the Most Profound Peace? That would make for an ENT LENT!

In this way, pareidolia is a gift making life more interesting even while personifying that which is able to be personified is altogether helpful for analogy, without which Christianity is naught.

Take as an example the great “Sophia”, the Wisdom of God spoken about in the Old Testament, not a goddess or fourth member of the Most Holy Trinity, but that receptivity of Sacred Tradition which Cardinal Siri in his great work “Gethsemane” called univocal, the same for all who correctly perceive that which comes to us unchanged by way of the Holy Spirit and which is only passed down by the Church quasi per manus, almost as if by hand (for it is done by the Holy Spirit), as we read in the glorious first decree of the fourth session of the sacrosanct Council of Trent on 8 April 1546.

Diversely, directed Rorschach projection is just so boring. You’re not allowed not to see anything but the very thing the examiner wants you to see, delegitimizing, of course, their attempts to figure out their place in the universe with their willing guinea-pigs. The various categories of answers, and put to statistics, even with conversational follow-up, cannot but skew results. Much better just the unrepeatable circumstances with conversational follow up. Pigeonholing simply makes for a quick and easy diagnosis with generalized statements at which one throws money. Anyway, I never did this. I would, however, discuss at length methodology with the psych students at the Gregorian.

At any rate, don’t hug a tree. Instead, accompany Ents stomping on untowardness:


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7 responses to “An Ent Lent’s pareidolia

  1. “in our language, it takes so long to say anything, that we do not say anything that does not have to be said.” (My best recollection of the line.)

  2. nancyv

    “break the dam, release the river!”
    !!!! :) Thank you for this. And congratulations on what you were celebrating. Deo gratias.

  3. sanfelipe007

    Rorschach projection? Sounds like Orc mischief, to me.

  4. elizdelphi

    But you are still not saying to us what your happy events are for which a party was thrown for you? If it is what I am guessing then I have mixed feelings slightly, yet am happy for you.

    The Cross is an Ent?! Wouldn’t that be like the worst of abuse for the Ent too, knowing what was happening? The tree does have a lovely face!

    I am glad to hear someone else thinks that rorschach tests are bunk. do they still do that?

  5. My neighbor has a telephone pole that has Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Benedict on it. My neighbor thinks i’m crazy but some others think it looks like it, When it rains, St Michael appears at the very top. Right! Pareidolia.

  6. elizdelphi

    The happy occasion was what I was thinking.

    I agree with your bishop that you need to work on your Immaculate Conception book. You may need to blog less while you do so and not pursue some of the many, many other fascinating thoughts that occur to your heart in order to make room for that!

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