1500 calorie diet: join me (chocolate bacon once in a while)

That’s chocolate bacon made by friends for my birthday. I love chocolate bacon.

I’m 57, male, 6’1″, totally sedentary of necessity, with a broken down body.

Current Weight: 271
Healthy Weight Range: 140.0 – 189.0
Weight Goal: 189
Current BMI: 35.7
Healthy BMI Range 18.5 – 24.9
To maintain current weight: 2528 calories
To lose weight: 2028 calories

Actual caloric intake recommended by my doctor: 1500 calories

There’s a calculator here.

It will take me a year, going quickly at first, then slowing down, although always the same 1500 calories. Consistent, retraining the body slowly.

After all, the body is to be a temple of the Holy Spirit. I know some of you fast all the time. Have pity as I learn.

The diet consists of eating less. Labeled food tells you the calories. Google the rest. Add it up during the day. Easy.

And then there’s Saint Paul of the Desert (not dessert). You have to start somewhere. I start from really far away from the goal. Perhaps the Angelic Doctor Saint Thomas Aquinas will help me. He had a glandular problem. I take medicine that ensures weight gain. Not so easy.

Anyone want to join me?


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12 responses to “1500 calorie diet: join me (chocolate bacon once in a while)

  1. nancyv

    I don’t WANT to…but I will, because as you reminded us – the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and mine has been too conforming to the world. Yes, I will join you. I am at 205 and would be healthier at 155.
    Good grief, I can’t think of anything more delectable than chocolate bacon!

  2. Cathy

    I made a goal of 10 pounds last Lent, lost 13 and managed to keep 10 pounds off! The calculator puts me at 27 pounds from a healthy weight. My job keeps me moderately active, on my feet for eight hours a day – I try to pace the production line when possible. Walking around the block as the weather gets nicer. Trying to drink more water, less coffee and soda. I’m horrible at counting calories, but I know foods that are downfalls – sweet and salties! I try to keep them out of the house in volume size and stay away from vending machines. I eat with my mom every night, she lives next door, can be a downfall because mom’s like to feed you what you like. I have a feeling that parishioners can be like having 100 moms who would much rather give you chocolate bacon than fresh fruits and veggies!

  3. elizdelphi

    If the totally traditional annual Lenten fast were still the norm, Catholics would have noticeably above average health, while fasting for God alone and the health of the soul rather than counting calories for themselves. The focus is raised to the spiritual level. I do not mean to criticize reasonable and necessary care for “brother donkey”. Just to say that it seems to me the old way let one attend to God’s affairs while He saw to our affairs, and one can’t but lose weight on one meal a day (let it be a hearty one) with no meat, eggs, dairy, sugar or fried foods. I really feel the near-total loss of traditional style Lenten fasting in the West (and great erosion of monastic fasting) is a serious loss; it seems to have happened relatively rapidly and with little fanfare.

  4. meshugunah

    My best trick is to stop eating after supper/8pm…in other words, fast until breakFAST. Seems to be working so far. Make sure you stay hydrated – being full of water staves off what we think are “hunger” pangs!

  5. monicaharris58

    You’re still going to have to dance off all those calories you inhale from the Word of God, Father Byers!

    Having the need to take steroids for a medical condition, I sympathize with “medicine which ensures weight gain” but the alternative is pretty awful. Self-denial is brought about in various ways. Acceptance is more difficult, at least for me.

  6. Looks so good. Yum,

    As for the guilt – It’s Sunday no fasting or penances on Sunday, right?
    I too should drop many pounds to reach ideal weight. But it seems it’s pretty touch to reach. If we only eat Brussels Sprouts, cabbage, carrots and spinach we should reach our goals in about 4 years. (bah humbug)

  7. Totally unrelated topic – question – I went to Adoration today and began to wonder – which is better? Formal Prayers for the hour of Adoration or just talking to Jesus like a pal?

  8. pelerin

    I have been curious at the mention of chocolate bacon as this is the first time I have ever heard of it. I presumed it was chocolate made to look like bacon rashers but when I googled it I discovered it really is chocolate as in chocolate and bacon as in bacon. A strange mixture of tastes though I suppose no stranger than us eating apple sauce with pork or cranberry sauce with turkey!

    Good luck with the diet Father! I once went on a diet and everytime I lost a certain amount my husband put into a bag the equivalent weight in lead. (No – he was not in the habit of robbing church roofs but made model ships from scratch and lead was needed to balance them in the water). By the time I had got down to my required weight I could barely lift the bag and realised what I had been carrying around with me.

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