On being poor (in spirit)


A good friend of mine is very poor. He mends his clothes with bailing wire and glues on shoe cleats which he makes with discarded pieces of wood. He doesn’t waste anything and has an appreciation for everything, always and in every circumstance grateful to our Heavenly Father for all that he has, particularly his reception of the goodness and kindness of the Lord. He walks with our Lord in humble thanksgiving. He would be the first one to say that he is not to be praised, but would readily offer his example to be followed in whatever way according to our own circumstances. In this way we also help each other to get to know the powerful love of our Lord Jesus who walks with us.


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2 responses to “On being poor (in spirit)

  1. sanfelipe007

    I have done the very same thing when I was in my teens. I sewed the rips in my garments (my mother taught her sons to sew) – I also sewed my sneakers (!) when they, too, tore. I had an almost complete detachment from pride of the body.

    A friend of mine said to me “I think it is beautiful that you don’t care [here, I bristled] about the way you look.”

    Perplexed by this remark, since I cared enough to mend my clothes and to see that my garments, as well as my body, were clean, I decided that he meant well, even if his words were clumsy.

  2. What a beautiful story…. and very convicting. Thank you Fr. George

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