My Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs “snips”) are being processed


Finally, the phone app says that the test kit was not only received (that was January 19 2017), but is now (mid-March) being processed for the next three to five weeks. At any rate, I always knew I was a mutant ninja. Aren’t we all? This will prove it. I bet the results will come in that I’m 5% this and 5% that, with 90% unknown. Then I can fill in the blank, right? Maybe I’m from the dark side of the moon.

It’s interesting that the family tree is traced through mutant attributes. This is very much like critica textus, whereby one examines the accuracy of whatever ancient manuscript by way of taking note of mutant variants, that is, copyist errors which are repeated by subsequent copyists only of that particular manuscript (or its successors). This, taken with paleographical and other indications pretty accurately tell the analyst the entire geographical and historical, even political and ideological history of the background of the lettered physical text in front of them, regardless of whether that text is now digitized in our times or is still written on papyri, perhaps as a palimpsest.

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting rid of DNA by way of my 1500 calorie diet. I’ve dropped about eleven pounds since Ash Wednesday. I must confess I’ve gone over 1500 a few times. But it’s working well all in all. Down to about 254 pounds. Breakfast today was lentil soup and an orange. 245 calories. My old neighbor is trying to convince me to become a soup maker. I would have to get a pot for that. And ways to freeze individual portions from the huge amounts called for in recipes, you know, whole heads of cabbage and all that. He gets his ingredients from his garden or from the soup kitchen (what’s on its way to the dumpster). Mmmm good. I had some yesterday.

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  1. I have a recipe for you, Father George. It’s called “Clean The ‘Fridge” soup.
    I make it all the time – it never comes out the same – but it is always great!
    I have a rep for being a good cook so let’s keep this recipe a secret between us, eh? – (Family and Friends think there’s some special skill involved -LOL)

    1. you save all your left overs for several days – or as you said visit the dumpster (ONLY KIDDING !)
    2. Drop all the food into a pot.
    3. Add water or broth to cover.
    4, season to taste (salt, pepper, garlic powder, etc)
    5. add chives or wild onions, watercress – whatever you find in the garden,
    6. let it come to a boil then cover pot and turn down the heat to a simmer and cook till it smells good.**
    6. puree if desired.
    7. serve (yum)
    ** You can do this in a crock pot set on low and forget about it for hours!

    PS – I’ll bet you’ve got some Viking blood – you enjoy adventure too much not to be .

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