Officer Down! What kind of thanks…

officer down shawn anderson

Some people are against the police until they need to call them. Our LEOs serve even those who hate them, mock them. Out LEOs give their lives not only for their friends, but even for enemies, the greatest love doubled over. Sergeant Anderson was called to a rape scene and was executed when he arrived. It’s like ISIS killing doctors because “they’re too good.” But is it enough to say “Thank you” to our LEOs? I think not. As the best of the best of the best told me: “Don’t just say ‘Thank you’; strive to follow their good example.” Yes, that is the kind of thanks that is especially appreciated. Also by our Lord, who, in laying down His life for all sinners while they were still sinners, said, “As the Master, so the Disciple.”


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3 responses to “Officer Down! What kind of thanks…

  1. James Anderson

    I added him and his family to my prayer list.

  2. elizdelphi

    That is a really noble death!

  3. This kind of news is incredibly sad. But I suspect Our Lord meets these Disciples with open arms. Rest in Peace Shawn Anderson.

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