Goodbye, old friends. I’m sooo nostalgic.


Already hauled away. That’s that. In a few hours the title will be signed over. The memories: Carrying Jesus throughout the mountains and impossibly steep ridges. Carrying elderly parishioners to the hospital in distant cities. This was my missionary of mercy truck long used at the hermitage. Betsy the 1987 Toyota pickup even worked as a conversation starter for me with the local druggies. It was bought for me by “The Guy.” I am so very sorry to see her go. But with the engine doubly exploded (water going out the tail pipe), the alignment so severely off that it would cost more to realign than get a new-used truck, the steering gearbox destroyed, etc., etc., etc., it was time to give her away to one of the locals who wanted something to work on for a woods truck. So long, old friend.

At the very same time, I got rid of Dotty, the 2002 Nissan pickup, the old soup-kitchen work horse. That went to the same person. The gas tank leaks. Everything was going wrong with it week after week. WAY too expensive to maintain. The town was threatening a lien on the rectory unless I get rid of the untagged deregistered vehicles. Yikes!  Right now, I’m driving Sassy, a Subaru Forester with about 30,000 miles on it. I’m sure there will be another 400,000 to follow within just a few years if I keep going at the rate I am now. But there’s a surprise coming. I hope it will be possible. Jenny is back up, running and kicking!


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5 responses to “Goodbye, old friends. I’m sooo nostalgic.

  1. Liz McKernan

    I love the way you have given your vehicles names! No wonder it is hard to part with them. One of my friends drives an ancient 2CV which she calls ‘Pelagie’. They were once a common sight in France but now no longer. She is a bit temperamental at times especially when it is very cold but still going.

  2. monicaharris58

    Color me relieved, Fr Byers! Hope Sassy is sassy enough for the mountains.

  3. I know how you feel. I had a 1998 Buick La Sabre that I had to get rid of last year It felt like I was loosing a dear friend. That car carried my baby grand kids until they were old enough to drive, brought me safely through blizzards and it was a great car. The replacement chevy Malibu is ok mechanically but it just can’t touch my ‘car.’

  4. elizdelphi

    I had a horse at one time, not a work horse like Dotty but a young thoroughbred named Darty. He broke his leg in two places (Christmas Day 1999) and the vet put him down. He was taken to the rendering plant. It was definitely like losing a dear friend! This comment is simultaneously the most analogous story I have, and I realize it is also a nonsequitor. I am trying so forgive me!

  5. mk

    It was time Fr. George :)

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