Monsignor Edward Arsenault defrocked

Pope Francis signed the decree of dismissal from the clerical state on February 28 and this was made public today. Arsenault was at the epicenter of the abuse crisis in any number of ways. Now that the possibilities for maneuvering in the Church are lessened somewhat, I’m hoping that he will have a change of heart and spill his guts on the mafia here in the USA, overseas, and particularly in Rome. I’ll ask him. I have his address as of a couple of days ago, when he was released from prison to home confinement for the rest of his sentence. There are many implications to all this.


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10 responses to “Monsignor Edward Arsenault defrocked

  1. I just saw this news earlier and sent the CBS Boston article to Father Gordon. I imagine he will be interested in that news unless you have already told him.

  2. Liz

    I am so shocked by this. I thought he was protected from things that from the powers that be. Wow. Prayers for him and for Fr. Gordon and the whole church.

  3. Liz

    I kind of wondered that, Father. Is he still in prison there with Fr. G?

  4. Liz

    Good grief!

  5. Liz, are you not aware that “they” tried to do this to Father Gordon? An innocent priest? At least Arsenault was guilty. Thankfully, “they” were not successful in Fr. Gordon’s case. That would have have been far worse for him than being in prison. I think he alluded to it in one of his TSW posts.
    And, it’s my understanding that Arsenault was originally put in the same prison as Father Gordon, though they never met (that would have been a hard meeting) but was shortly moved someplace else. Too bad he didn’t have to go through the painful introduction to prison life that Father Gordon did.

  6. elizdelphi

    Isn’t it interesting that Fr Gordon remains a priest and this supposed therapist of priests is rather rapidly laicized. Fr Gordon knows God has a plan and would surely rather have his priesthood than a more comfortable prison.

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