Holocaust escape: Today’s yesterday

f 35 israeli air force

There are those who, being in an extermination camp, escaped. Here’s a STORY and a VIDEO about a tunnel for the purpose of survival.

For those who don’t know, I’m Jewish, I’m a Catholic priest, and I have travel protection ordered by the State Department because of certain untoward events in my life that involved the political-military affairs office of Main State at Foggy Bottom.

This story has been published before, but it bears repeating: flying along with an air marshal next to me, as usual, this time from Paris to New York on Air France, mind you, the conversation got onto the holocaust. The Federal law enforcement officer was rather extraordinarily anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic (those being the days of the Obama administration). He said that if Catholics are forced to pay into Obama’s abortion superfund by way of insurance premium on-the-side-direct-payments into that fund, such Catholics who refuse to do such a thing should, if things get ramped up a bit, act like the sheep-led-to-the-slaughter-Jews who simply, he said, submitted so nicely to the extermination camps. I guess he was trying to provoke me to cause a scene. I didn’t take the bait, but… Just. Wow.

Anyway, no, the Jews just couldn’t do anything about it, except here and there. Those who could do something did. They story and video linked to above detail just that. Anyway, the air marshal guy in question doesn’t represent the present administration in the White House. So, whatever with that. But…

A question remains about a preemptive strike against Iranian nuclear weapons production sites made specifically.

  • Is it just bluster that Iran repeats so many times throughout the years that Israel will be wiped off the face of the earth? To answer that the question about Iran being the leading state sponsor of terrorism in the world has to be answered.
  • Are those who say that a preemptive strike will make things really difficult for Israel going forward correct in their assessment? The relevance of the question is only known with the answer to the question as to whether it’s best to be alive and well or instead dead or rotting alive from radiation poisoning. Must one wait to attempt a tunnel escape if one can stop the attack before it happens?

All this should be obvious, but tender snowflakes who claim to be entitled to anything and everything turn out to be the most vicious of genocidal maniacs, saying that Iran has a right to kill off whatever populations on the earth that they want to kill off.

Let’s just repeat: Self-defense and/or defense of the innocent is not a lesser of two evil; it is a contribution to the virtue of justice.

But there are limitations. For instance, it wouldn’t be right to kill untold numbers of civilians in nuclear preemptive strike; conventional weapons can be used. We just witnessed usage of the MOAB, right? You don’t have to use just one…




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6 responses to “Holocaust escape: Today’s yesterday

  1. sanfelipe007

    “Are those who say that a preemptive strike will make things really difficult for Israel going forward correct in their assessment?”
    To me, an organized effort to sway public opinion, by use of this rhetoric, is a type of heckler’s veto whereby the political, professional, and social cost to voice one’s support for a preemptive strike can have a chilling effect on free speech. I sometimes feel such statements to be a “promise” to make things really difficult by hook or by crook.

  2. sanfelipe007

    I have been thinking about fleeing and non-fleeing in Scripture. Joseph and Mary fleeing the slaughter of the innocents; Jesus fleeing the crowd (His time had not come) and not fleeing the Roman guards (His time had come. The presumption of guilt for flight; the presumption of fear for flight.
    How would my faith inform my individual action should a man fleeing a checkpoint (in my area) seek refuge on my doorstep? Would I recall Quasimodo’s cry of “sanctuary?” Perhaps, if a family were in tow. But should he be alone, I might recall the plight of Judas, not Job.
    When I was a boy of twelve, my family was together on Christmas Eve. It was early evening, but very dark outside, when I heard a faint knock at the door which escaped the notice of everybody visiting with each other in the living room.
    I opened the door to find a wretch of a man, shabbily dressed and shivering; he simply said, “it’s cold, can I come in?” I said “sure,” and let him pass. All conversation stopped as he wished everyone in the room “Merry Christmas.”
    The first to react was my eldest sister’s fiancee’, who, being a large man, walked up to the stranger and quietly escorted him back outside. I was chastised for my foolish action and was asked why I let him in. I just said “he was cold.”
    Today I have a lifetime of faith and reason upon which to draw, but I wonder if I would do it again.

  3. Nan

    I saw a movie in Jerusalem, Bag of Marbles, about the Holocaust. It’s a true story and it was fascinating. It includes​a scene with forged baptism certificates, which pleased me.

  4. pelerin

    sanfelipe007 has brought up a serious question which could happen to anybody. As a Christian we are taught to be charitable and if anyone wants help to give it. However if for example an elderly widow on her own, perhaps not too steady on her pins, answered the door one night to a large man who asked to come in for shelter, would it be unChristian of her and uncharitable to refuse him entry fearing for her own safety?? A difficult question there I fear. Do we ignore our own safety and ‘trust in God’? Do we put our own lives at risk to help others? Christ’s words tell us that we should and yet …
    A recent tragedy involved the murder of a woman and her son. They were stabbed to death allegedly by someone who the family had helped when he was homeless. And I remember reading some years ago about a Priest who was killed by someone he answered the door to.
    Nan’s comment reminded me of an exhibition I saw in Paris several years ago dedicated to the ‘Righteous’ – gentiles who had helped save Jewish men, women and children in France during WWII. One of the short films on view showed a Priest making the forged Baptism certificates and the commentary said that many, many courageous French Priests worked far into the night to produce these documents knowing that they would save lives. However they also knew that if they were caught they would lose their own lives. I have heard about brave families who took in Jewish children as their own with no thought of their own safety, thus saving them from the gas chambers.

  5. Gary Woodams

    In a few weeks we mark the 100 year anniversary of the Fatima Apparitions of the Blessed Holy Mother. Lets us not forget she gave the way to peace for the world if only our Popes would follow,her requests.

  6. Gary Woodams, – Yes, you are right, but there is also something we can do too (and should) – pray the rosary everyday. If only Catholics everywhere would pray the rosary daily and ask our Blessed Mother to lead the Pope to follow her requests there would be world peace and who knows what other wonderful benefits for all of mankind.

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