Flowers for the Immaculate Conception (Road Rage edition)


The thing about flowers is that no matter what the storms or sun or wind or rain or mayhem is occurring around them, they just are what they are for the glory of God, no reactions to anything or anyone; they just do their thing in all simplicity. And so it should be for us. Sometimes maybe yes. Sometimes maybe no. We’re pretty weak. We can go about life just reacting to others, and that’s just not good. It’s like road rage just isn’t ever good under any circumstances. Well…

Right now in the parish, whose national park (Great Smoky Mountains) receives more than twice as many visitors than any other park in the U.S., there must be some 10,000 Mini-Coopers, cute little things, along with other itsy-bitsy vehicles that seem to be nothing more than go-kart/bumper car combos for the more well-to-do. But all is not well on the Dragon’s Tail when alcohol and drugs are involved. I thought that might be the case for a group of some five vehicles coming from farther South. They were passing on double-yellows around blind curves repeatedly. I witnessed them being extremely dangerous with other vehicles, taunting… This isn’t all too courteous since, for instance, just the other day, one of this crowd was doing just that and slammed head-on into an ambulance that was heading to another crash.

For my part, I called 911. I’ll do that when I see particularly obnoxious behavior, bullying that is endangering the lives of others. I’m sure dispatch is swamped with such calls. I myself almost T-boned a red pickup truck whose driver apparently had another but less felicitous solution to the problem of the mini crowd passing on double yellows around sharp blind curves (blind because of cliff-faces that come right up to the edge of the inside lane). He simply parked perpendicular fully taking up both lanes from the cliff-edge on the one side to the guard rail on the other. He was forcing an accident. I slammed on the brakes leaving half the rubber on my tires on the road, almost taking out the guard rail. He saw that I wasn’t a mini and decided he wasn’t prepared to deal with me and took off. Smart of him. I didn’t call 911 on him. After all, he got smart all of a sudden, right?

Anyway, much better to just have some stability, like flowers for the Immaculate Conception. I mean, imagine, there she stood under the Cross, all of hell broken out, immovable before her Son, having an unspeakable heart to heart conversation with Him regardless of all the chaos, a conversation that then continued for those post-Easter days until the Ascension, a conversation that would continue right through the winds of Pentecost, right to her coronation as Queen of heaven and earth, angels and men. It is good to have a Queen who is also mother. It is good to be not only subjects but also children and, in this case, because of total security, we can be those children with all simplicity, riding out the storms, hardly paying any attention to them, just being there for her honor. “Why do the nations rage?”

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