Update: Attempted home invasion, again


Update: Not that they are related, but just a couple of streets over there was a stabbing within minutes of this attempted home invasion… ///

Jenny the Jeep acts as a guard donkey for the rectory, but only when she’s there. She’s in the shop at the moment, getting some extra attention, leaving the rectory seemingly wide open to home invasion. Sometime around midnight it seems that some guy decided to do just that, guessing I wasn’t there just because Jenny wasn’t sitting out front. The action ended just as quickly as the home-invader guy realized that someone was at home. He was outside making plenty of noise, perhaps to see if anyone was around. I didn’t see who it was as it’s not generally a good idea to be opening the door to an aggressor or even to look out the window, making yourself a target. This is the second attempted home invasion in the short time I’ve been here.

we dont call 911It would be stupid of me to think that I’m somehow ready to take care of anything untoward, but, just like the previous time, I didn’t call 911. No reason to bother the police as it all ended quickly enough. I’m not adverse to calling 911, unlike one fellow I know who has a bumper sticker saying: “We don’t call 911.” He was actually pulled over by the police for that one. All the same, since law enforcement is just minutes away, I try to be at least somewhat prepared. Of course, that includes calling on my guardian angel.


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8 responses to “Update: Attempted home invasion, again

  1. Charlene

    Where was Laudie-dog? Surely she would have voiced her displeasure at somebody trying to break in.

    • Father George David Byers

      She let me know. But no voice. She knew better than to give away her position. Stealth dog!

  2. SognPlaci

    Did you need to wake her up first? 🙂 [you have a very small presbytery]

  3. Get some security cameras and you will have documentation. It might even scare the thieves off.

  4. elizdelphi

    Good about the security cameras. I would not have guessed such an apparently rural area with mainly hills and woods is so crime ridden. I have had little contact with the problem of drugs so I guess I am naive.

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