Depoliticizing FBI: Field Agents relieved

twa flight 800

Depoliticizing TWA Flight 800 by the FBI would also be a good idea. I tried to make that clear to a handful of FBI agents who took special interest in me very close to the time of the event. That interrogation lasted, if I remember correctly, about twenty minutes. I guess they thought that I was somehow the guy who somehow, in some way was responsible for the missile. 

Anyway, I’ve always held that proof of depoliticization comes about when admission of past failures is made with corrections to procedures made with effective congressional oversight.

Regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails, Trey Gowdy tried his best, but Mr. Comey was, in my opinion, entrenched in “reasoning” lacking any syllogism known to man. Mr. Comey, inaccurate as the day is long, got fired. There was no love lost between him and any of the rank and file in the Bureau. They didn’t know what to do any more, what with Hillary seeming to escape justice not according to the Department of Justice or any judge, but in the opinion (who cares?) of Mr. Jimmy Comey himself.  Trey Gowdy would be a good fit to replace him, as he wouldn’t pull any punches in doing investigations. That’s an FBI I would tend to trust.


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3 responses to “Depoliticizing FBI: Field Agents relieved

  1. I totally agree with your pick of Gowdy

  2. elizdelphi

    That time when Father George was a suspect in the shooting down of a commercial airliner. (A MISSAL, he said he had a MISSAL that went up in flames, I remember the old translation one he incinerated at the hermitage)
    it does seem like the long and the short of the Comey thing was that he lacked sound reasoning or judgment.

  3. sanfelipe007

    I have reservations about Gowdy that stem from his inexplicable “dropping of the ball” at the one inch line, short of a TD, when he failed to ask the most obvious (in my opinion) question, after Hillary explained, in intricate detail, her activities on a timeline concerning the Cairo Embassy affair, during her testimony at the “Benghazi” hearing.
    The obvious question was, “Madam Secretary, would you now explain, in the same detail, your activity with regard to Benghazi?” But no, what he did next, was not the obvious! I was so livid that I do not remember what he did next!
    Anyway, Trey is a very good pick, but I wonder if he can handle the intense pressures and consequences that are brought to bear in dealing with the “big dogs.”

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