*BANG* (Ha!) Jenny the Jeep TOUGH

jenny the jeep pulling 1

Jenny’s back. She runs good. Can’t take her anywhere yet as the steering has to be fixed up a bit. But she’s good for down and dirty donkey jobs like pulling out concreted-in 4″ diameter metal poles the previous owner had put up for laundry and now redundant because of the metal fence over which things can be put.

There are those who thought Jenny wasn’t up to the task, but at the least bit of a gentle tug at one one-millionth of a mile an hour from her and… and… *BANG* – which is the sound made when metal is ripped apart from metal suddenly.

jenny the jeep pulling 2

I’m sure Jenny didn’t even realize she had gone to work yet and is wondering why we quit so early. Both poles broke cleanly about 4″ below ground level. I took a hammer and smoothed out any rough bits and knocked a bit of dirt down. Done. Thanks Jenny!

I’m sure she misses being a woods truck, um, woods jeep. I’ll have to see about a finding a small wood stove that would pass local stringent environmental laws and statutes.

“Can do!” attitude. Good to have. Not because we can do anything, but because all things are possible with God. Jesus makes the impossible easy. It’s the difference between our non-existent determination and His love dwelling within us.


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2 responses to “*BANG* (Ha!) Jenny the Jeep TOUGH

  1. Paul Maliborski

    So? Did the pole just snap off leaving the concrete in the ground or Jenny actually pulled the entire unit out of the ground? I thought that maybe the metal had corroded under the earth for which we could not see. As in life sometimes we retain some unseen corrosion and have to be reminded by a persistent guide that a “good confession” can restore our once vibrant soul. Thanks again Master Soul Saver. I now know that my father has made it to Heaven. The seventh Hail Mary in the second decade was a question to which it was answered by the tenth. Rest in Peace, Dad.

    • Father George David Byers

      O.K. I’ll admit that the metal poles were not solid bars of metal weighing in at 1000 pounds or so. One bent over and came apart, but the other snapped and I ducked wondering if it would fly though the cab of the jeep.

      Our Master Soul Saver, Christ Jesus, is absolutely good and kind.

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